The toys most desired by children at Christmas

The toys most desired by children at Christmas

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When they see advertisements for toys on television or in specialized magazines, they point with their little finger indicating 'I want it'. However, each child is different and we will have to wait to read the letter to Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men to know what the favorite gifts for each child.

Until then, to get an idea, in We have asked which are the toys most desired by children at Christmas.

We can be surprised, scandalized or accept it as such, but the reality is that the most desired gift for children at Christmas, of all ages, is a tablet. A trend that had already been announced in previous years and that was consolidated strongly thanks also to the efforts of manufacturers to make tablets with an even more attractive design for children.

Animated films continue to be gifts in high demand for both Santa Claus and Kings. However, what is most popular are games for consoles. And if your kids don't have the console yet, there's no discussion about it star gift this Christmas.

In defense of intellectual concerns children, we can argue that science or invention games They are one of the most exciting gifts, as well as technological devices such as microscopes or telescopes. Although, of course, depending on the age of the child, there is nothing that can rival a Smartphone.

It must also be recognized that classic toys always triumph and craft games or games construction they continue to occupy the main positions in the letters to the Magi. As well as the universe of toys and games related to children's favorite series.

And speaking of universes, we cannot forget at dolls preferred by girls, many of them also originating from their favorite series, which also include games, movies and books.

Continuing with the classics, we cannot forget that bicycle that every child should have or that attempt with the skates, customs that remain unchanged through generations. And it would not hurt if we taught our children to want other types of Christmas gifts, such as more understanding, respect and tolerance.

Laura Velez. Writer of GuiaInfantil

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