Amniotic fluid loss in pregnancy

Amniotic fluid loss in pregnancy

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Amniotic fluid is the fluid that envelops the baby in the amniotic sac and protects and cushions him not only from external injuries, but also from the pressure exerted by his own organs.

In addition, it maintains the baby's temperature, allows him to move and provides protein. Until week 34 or 36 of pregnancy, there is the same amount of amniotic fluid, although its composition changes, but from week 38 the amount begins to decrease. We tell you when it is normal for a loss of amniotic fluid,when not and what should we do.

It is the yellowish fluid that surrounds the baby throughout pregnancy. Its composition, however, changes throughout the weeks of gestation.

At first it is liquid that comes from the mother's blood plasma, but from the second trimester, the baby also intervenes in the production of amniotic fluid since the baby swallows it and expels it through urine, thus renewing several times a day.

The fluid must be present throughout the entire pregnancy, it is not normal for it to be lost before the pregnancy has come to an end And, if it happens, it is important to go to the emergency services as soon as possible to assess the situation.

Yes, it is normal for it to come out when labor is imminent, in that case, the woman will feel a yellow or transparent liquid coming out of the genitals that can be easily differentiated from the loss of urine because the flow is constant and is accentuated with movements.

If the loss of amniotic fluid occurs before what is considered a full-term delivery, that is, before the 37th week of pregnancy, experts will recommend the admission of the pregnant woman to treat it and try to prolong the pregnancy with drugs. In this way, they will help the baby's lung maturation. The bag can break:

- The normal thing is that the amniotic bag breaks during laborIn fact, it is a sign that the baby is near. In some cases, it will even be the medical staff who will have to break the bag for the delivery to progress.

- A intramniotic infection it can weaken the membranes of the amniotic sac and cause them to rupture.

- A amniocentesis it can also facilitate the breaking of the bag.

In case the liquid that comes out is not transparent or yellow but of a greenish color, it is important to go to the hospital urgently, as there could be fetal distress. And it is that, the baby could have expelled meconium during the pregnancy, the first stool that usually does once already born.

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