What would your super mom name be? A fun game for mothers

What would your super mom name be? A fun game for mothers

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We all know that mothers have super powers. It's obvious. But have you ever wondered what superhero name you could have? We propose you a very fun game, based on the most amazing characteristics of mothers, which makes them unique.

Search this table what would your super mom name be. You only need to find your day and month of birth and match a noun with its corresponding adjective.

Do you want to know how to play and know what superhero name corresponds to you? It's very easy: find the month in which you were born in this table. That will be the noun your heroine name will begin with. Now find the next square on the day you were born and complete with the adjective the name of your superheroine. You got it?

All women who became mothers know: motherhood gives you super powers instantly. Suddenly the senses are sharpened, empathy, perception capacity ... You become more powerful, and believe it or not, this is something physical, scientifically proven by numerous studies. If it's true that this superhero naming game is just fun, take a look at the other more scientific superpowers, that is, how you change when you become a mother:

1. Smarter: Well yes, science has shown that motherhood helps the brain grow in intelligence. Why? Because other series of skills are sharpened, such as organizational capacity or empathy, which help increase intelligence.

2. Multitasking: Mothers are able to attend to several things at the same time, without lowering the quality of what they do. This undoubtedly helps them to maintain order and to achieve the achievement of objectives in record time.

3. More empathy: The field of the brain that governs emotions is much more active in mothers than in other women. Especially when it comes to empathy. Science was able to show that a woman's brain changes during pregnancy to prioritize the field of emotions. Surprising!

4. Anti-stress hormones: During the first months after delivery, the brain secretes more prolactin and oxytocin. Nature is wise, and it is her way of fighting against increased stress and anguish at the birth of the baby.

5. The senses are sharpened: Yes, the mother suddenly feels that her senses are heightened, especially the sense of touch. It is a response of the body to the birth of the baby, to give the mother a greater ability to communicate with her child and a greater ability to protect against all dangers.

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