Today's children's snack, is it healthier than years ago?

Today's children's snack, is it healthier than years ago?

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When 30, 40 or 50 years ago it was normal to have a snack, it seems that today, the snacks that children take have changed considerably with respect to what their parents took in their day. What do children eat today? Is the snack of today's children healthier than that of our childhood?

The children's snack supposes a recharge of energy to continue the day, especially taking into account that it is in the afternoon when the children face their extracurricular activities - generally sports: football, basketball, dance ... - and their duties, tasks that require a mental and physical effort.

According to a study carried out by El Caserío in collaboration with Aldeas Infantiles, “Snack habits”:

- Children today consume a lot of cookies, sweets and industrial pastries, which is far from what can be considered healthy.

- What's more, they accompany their snacks with milk and juices, when in reality the most important drink for the little ones is water.

- However, not everything is negative, since many more pieces of fruit are currently consumed in the snack of what was consumed years ago, but the sandwiches seem to have gone down in history, reducing by half in the last 30 years.

- According to this study, and despite the importance of restoring strength in a healthy way after the school day, the number of children who eat snacks is much lower than it did 30 years agoNot only that, but also that the vast majority of children eat snacks while sitting in front of the television, which has a very negative impact on their habits, increasing the risk of obesity.

Analyzing the nutritional contribution, a healthy snack can be a sandwich, avoiding sliced ​​bread and using a healthy filling, but it can also be a dairy or fruit, as long as sugary dairy products and fruit juices are avoided, whether they are natural or packaged.

It is important to choose the healthiest bread possible, preferably whole wheat. Traditional bars are a good option, although they can be alternated with corn or wheat tortillas.

As fillings in the sandwiches of the little ones we can use:

- Tuna and boiled egg that can be accompanied by tomato

- French or potato omelette

- Grilled chicken leftovers mixed with cheese

- Good quality sausages, Serrano ham with tomato and oil is a very interesting option

- Spread or fresh cheese with smoked salmon or tomato

- Good quality York ham

- Cheese, fresh, cured or semi-cured, depending on the child's taste

- Hummus in any of its varieties

- Guacamole

Without forgetting that, when there is no time to prepare a good sandwich, a handful of dried fruits, walnuts, hazelnuts or almondsThey are a much healthier alternative to industrial pastries.

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