Snowman for the Christmas tree. Children's craft

Snowman for the Christmas tree. Children's craft

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Fancy making your own Christmas tree decorations? For example, you can make an original cardboard snowman. It is a simple craft that you can do with the help of your children.

Take note and write down everything you needs to make a snowman for the Christmas tree and surprise everyone with a different and very homemade Christmas fir tree.


  • White cardstock
  • Pencil
  • Markers
  • Pair of scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Silver cord
  • Rule
  • Glue gun
  • Adhesive stickers

1. First, make a strip of white cardboard 2 centimeters wide and the entire length of your cardboard. And cut out four more like this. With one of the strips you just cut you will make two: one longer and one a little shorter.

2. With your shorter strip you will make a circle. To do this, glue the ends with glue or the silicone gun (it will be the head of the snowman). And now you will make another similar circle with the longest strip (It will be the body of the snowman).

3. Do you remember the other strips you cut out? Roll each of them up and make sure they don't come apart with the help of a little glue at the end. Do you already have your four rolls? Well glue them together, one on top of the other. And when you have your tower of rolls, you glue it inside the body of your snowman. Remember that it is the circle you made bigger.

4. Now glue the head of your doll to the body and wear a hole punch with Christmas motifs to prepare an ornament that you will then stick on the body and head of your ornament.

5. Remember that we want to hang our ornament, so you must make some holes with your hole punch in the snowman's head. One on top and two on each side of the head. You cut some silver cord and you pass it through the holes in this way: one end from above towards one of the sides of the doll and the other end from above towards the other side of the doll. Knots are tied on each side to secure the cord well and the excess ends are glued to the body of the doll.

You already have it! You only have to stick the decorations that you prepared along the body and the head of the doll and you already have a nice snowman to hang from the Christmas Tree.

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