What is the medical history of childbirth

What is the medical history of childbirth

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The birth history is a document in which midwives and gynecologists record the evolution of the delivery of each woman, as well as the care that is carried out or the techniques and / or medications that are administered to the pregnant woman during the entire stay in the dilation room and delivery rooms.

In the history of childbirth the WHO recommends include the partogram which is nothing more than the graph in which the dilation, the conditions of the cervix and the degree of fit of the baby are evaluated as a function of time.

The birth history and the partogram are not just information sheets. They also have a number of objectives, among which are:

1. Reduce maternal-perinatal morbidity and mortality by early diagnosis of deviations in the evolution of labor and delivery.

2. Provide midwives, medical and paramedical personnel with an inexpensive and affordable instrument, of universal use, for the adequate monitoring of labor.

3. Prevent or diagnose, or both, prolonged labor to ensure timely medical intervention.

4. Reduce the rate of cesarean sections and suffocation, as well as its consequences.

The information collected in this document may vary from one center to another, depending on the protocols used. However, the minimum data that usually appear are the following:

- Mother's Information- Contains the mother's demographic, health and physical data. Some of the data required are if the mother has had previous cesarean sections, if she suffers any obstetric risk, group and Rh, gestational weeks ...

- Delivery Information: this is where the most significant characteristics of labor, delivery of the placenta, whether there have been tears, medication used, whether instruments have been used are reflected.

- Newborn Information: includes the newborn information, sex, weight, height, Apgar, etc.

- Information of the person who attends the delivery: Allows to identify the midwife or gynecologist responsible for the delivery.

Law 41/2002 of November 14 on the autonomy of the patient (Spain) states that the patient has the right of access to the documentation that appears in their medical history, except for certain exceptions provided by law, with which in principle the woman You have the right to claim information regarding your delivery.

To claim it, you can go to the patient care of the hospital where you have given birth and it is usually delivered after a few days.

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