What is the best learning for a child

What is the best learning for a child

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The better training that you can have a child, it doesn't happen at school; So where does it happen? What is the best learning for the child if it is not in the classrooms with their teachers? The answer is more within everyone's reach; is he game.

Have you stopped to think about all that the play freely? The game has endless benefits for the child.

What is the activity that any child really needs and demands? There is ainnate activityin them that is the "game". I refer to "free play", that which arises spontaneously, not programmed or directed by adults; because the more structured the game, the less game it is.

It is a natural way of learning, It is a pleasant activity, it creates satisfaction because through it he explores, tests, stimulates his curiosity, assumes the error normally, this helps him to overcome himself and face personal challenges.

The game, as an end in itself, is one of the conceptual contributions that Piaget, a Swiss psychologist, biologist and epistemologist, left us in his constructivist theory of the development of intelligence in childhood. Play is an important avenue of learning. According to him, the emotional and intellectual needs of a child are not satisfied if they have to continuously adapt to their environment, through free play the environment adapts to them, without restrictions no sanctions.

"The game is an end and a means", this is how Fröebel, a German pedagogue, creator of preschool education and the concept of Kindergarten, defined it. It is an end because it is the free and spontaneous manifestation of the interior, and it is a means insofar as the game represents creative work, education for work.

It is a way to let your imagination fly, the utensils you need for your game, and do not have them, the will invent, with your imagination you will make them real.

It is an opportunity for the child to express their negative and positive feelings, which help their emotional balance, and will help us as parents, to detect any trouble that our son has that he has not been able to show.

An ideal time for him to develop his physical, psychomotor, social, to practice and rehearse through imitation games, adult life such as playing trades, or being parents, grandparents, etc.

If we leave our child little freedom of play and movement, we deprive him of playing alone, always we guide in the games; the child will build up tension, and at some point that tension will manifest itself in the form of a tantrum. Of course we must supervise the game, the child always has to be under surveillance of an adult "presence but not interference", we will be there for when you need us.

I am passionate about watching my twins play, I am amazed with their inventive capacity, with their witticisms, the imagination that they give off. I learn a lot from them, I am envious of seeing them play, I want to feel that pleasure to play freely that we adults lose when we mature.

Maybe we should be less adults and more children? ... I leave that reflection there.

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