Stuffed eggs shaped like a snowman. Christmas recipes

Stuffed eggs shaped like a snowman. Christmas recipes

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Stuffed eggs are a classic recipe that both children and adults usually like. From our site, we suggest you give a creative touch to this traditional Christmas recipe, and turn some simple stuffed eggs into cute snowmen.

In addition, your children can help you prepare them, and they will enjoy giving free rein to their imaginations in the kitchen. It will become one of the favorite dishes in your house this Christmas.


  • Eggs
  • Tuna
  • Crushed tomato
  • Mahonesa
  • Carrot
  • Parsley
  • Cloves

1. In a pot, cook as many eggs as necessary for 12 minutes. (We can calculate two eggs per person). Meanwhile, we peel the carrots. (One for each egg) We grate half into strips, and the rest we cut into slices of approximately half a centimeter. We booked.

2. Let the eggs cool, remove the shells and cut each one in half. We extract the yolks and grate or crush them until they look like sand. We booked. In a container we mix the tuna with the tomato; and fill the cooked eggs to the brim.

3. We cover each of them with a layer of mayonnaise and a layer of grated egg yolk. Now we are going to start assembling our snowmen.

4. The first step is to carefully place them upside down on a platter or plate; we will use some as the body and others as the doll's head.

5. Next, we will place the grated carrot as a scarf, and we will use the cloves to shape the eyes and buttons. Then we have to place some sprigs of parsley as if they were the arms and the carrot slices will act as a hat. To finish, let's imagine that the grated yolks are snow! We are going to pour it at the bottom, below the dolls. The last step is to serve and savor. Enjoy them!


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