Musical stimulation in premature babies

Musical stimulation in premature babies

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Music is essential for any positive stimulation in our children. Using auditory and musical stimuli in babies premature it has surprising and positive effects on your evolution.

Is it possible for a premature baby to identify a melody and recognize it when it is in the incubator? Does it have benefits for your development and recovery? Of course yes! The musical stimulation in premature babies it is being used more and more.

The ear is the first organ to develop during gestation. and begins to work from the fifth month. When having a premature baby, any stimulation that we give through music will strengthen its recovery with favorable effects.

Between his Benefits are the following:

- Decrease your stress

- Gain weight

- Stabilize your heart rate

- They improve blood pressure and body temperature.

A must be prepared daily music routine so that musical stimulation is the most effective.

- Every day, perform a selection of songs that you want to share with your baby. Look for melodies or songs that you have heard while pregnant and that the baby can somehow recognize.

- Sing popular songs, lullabies, hum. Always very close and with a soft tone so that they notice your presence. You should control the intensity when selecting the songs to prevent your baby from feeling stressed.

- The more musical and auditory stimuli you receive, the better prepared you are. They have to be continuous and regular.

- You have to take into account, the attitude of the parents, It's fundamental. If the mother or father relaxes and enjoys music when sharing it with the baby, it produces hormones that are very beneficial for their development.

Exposing premature babies to Music and its stimulation adds a greater positive effect to their recovery. In short, affective bonds are reinforced and therefore the motivations and vital impulse of the child increase.

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