A dangerous meal. Children's story about friendship

A dangerous meal. Children's story about friendship

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The Whisker Mouse has a curious dinner guest he doesn't know, but it seems that everyone warns him that this guest may be something dangerous. Find out if appearances are really deceiving and if you have to judge at first sight through this curious tale.

Azucena Zarzuela tells us this I have a moral for children. A tale about the friendship without barriers and false appearances.

Mice and cats can't be friends, can they?

The Lord Whiskers Mouse he was new to town. He had just arrived and did not know anyone. She cleaned her new little house and put the books she had bought on her many trips around the world on the shelves. He had been a bookworm as a young man and now he wanted to retire to a small town to write a story of all his adventures.

A week after his arrival he received an invitation from Mr. Cat Claws for dinner next Saturday. Mr. Mouse Whiskers was very happy and wanted to buy a gift for the one who was going to be his host. In the lady's shop Pata Pico bought some good wine and lots of chocolate for dessert. But this one scared him.

- Mr. Cat Claws is always very bad fleas. He's moody, and besides, cats have always chased mice to eat them, ”he reminded Mr. Whisker Mouse.

"Maybe he just wants us to be friends," he replied.

In the afternoon, before dinner time with Mr. Gato Claws, he went out for a walk and to play a bit in the park. It was then that he felt how all the animals looked at him worried about having accepted the invitation. I heard them murmur. Mr Dog Hooves heard him say that "it sure hurts" and the lady Brown dove that "will end up crying."

He began to worry. But when he arrived at the house of Mr. Gato Claws, he received him with a great smile. He had prepared a menu with cheese as the main protagonist, because he knew that mice like it very much.

During dinner they laughed a lot, told jokes, and sang many songs. They ended up dancing the night away. Mr Mouse Whiskers had found a great friend in Mr. Cat Claws, and was very glad that he had been brave and not having judged Mr. Cat Claws without having met him, because many times looks are deceiving.

It is important that the child not only read the text of the story, but also be able to understand it. Reading comprehension is the first step to reading.

The stories give different approaches to a story, they help the child to empathize with the characters, and to open up to new imaginary worlds, but they also expand their vocabulary and they make you ask yourself questions you wouldn't otherwise ask.

In We leave you some questions to see if the child has understood the story:

- Why was Mr. Mouse Whiskers afraid of Cat Claws?

- What did Cat Claws bring for dinner?

- Why shouldn't we trust appearances?

- Do you think mice and cats can be friends in real life?

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