What would you be willing to sacrifice for your child?

What would you be willing to sacrifice for your child?

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If someone knows how to get the best of us, These are our children. Our paternal love makes them occupy the first place on the podium of our lives, that we aspire to great things for them, that we turn to all their needs, that we help them grow, that we give ourselves completely in adversity and that we cannot never stop loving them. And you ... what would you be willing to sacrifice for your son?

The arrival of a child awakens in us unique feelings and also new ways of understanding and living life. The love of parents for their children is authentic, sincethey are loved for who they are, not for what they do or what they can give us. Most parents know that we have a treasure, but we do not always know how to value it or we often forget it.

Not all parents are given the opportunity to know the value that our child has for us because life does not put us too difficult tests, but we would be surprised to know the sacrifice and renunciation of those who would be willing for them. During the 2010 Soccer World Cup, Australian goalkeeper Brad Jones left the World Cup in South Africa to be with his four-year-old son who was diagnosed with leukemia.

While his son's treatment lasted, he decided to have all his time to be with him. Some put their hands in their heads seeing how this footballer gave up a unique opportunity! Jones made the decision to put his role as a father before his successful soccer career. How many would love to be in your sports shoes and how many would not like to go through that bad drink as a parent at all?

Even so, he decided to put on his father's suit and temporarily take off his football boots.

I have no doubt that there is a before and after parenthood that makes us stronger and more courageous, that changes our priorities and that greatly increases our capacity for sacrifice What will our children have that with a smile, a stammer, a hug, a kiss ... or just saying the word "daddy" are capable of transforming us forever?

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