10 stories with a moral for children

10 stories with a moral for children

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Children's stories are an inexhaustible source of imagination and adventures They aim to teach children the most important values ​​in life. In Guiainfantil.comWe have compiled a series of stories with a moral so that you can read them together with your children and convey the message of the story itself. They are children's stories from which we can extract a lesson and with which we can educate children in values. Stories for children are a great way to learn while playing, don't you think?

With this series of10 stories You can teach your children the main values ​​of life through morals. In this way, children will grow up with a series of values ​​that will be reflected in their maturity.

A selection of classic tales and fables, yes, in their short version to facilitate reading for children who are learning to read.

1. The tortoise and the hare. Story about persistence. The hare and the Tortoise. Fables are little stories that always carry a good message or a moral. This fable teaches children the value of effort and that you should never make fun of others. Read with your children one of the best known fables of all time: The Hare and the Tortoise, by Aesop.

2. Field mouse and city mouse. Story about humility. Once upon a time there was a mouse that lived in a burrow in the country and another mouse that lived in the wall of a house in the city. The tale of Country Mouse and City Mouse, tells the difference between living in the country and in the city. With this story, based on Aesop's fable, children can learn the value of humility.

3. The ugly duckling. Story about tolerance. The tale of the ugly duckling. Traditional children's stories for your children and babies. Children's, popular and traditional stories for children. New children's stories from our readers. Publish your children's story on the Internet.

4. The milkmaid. I have values. The milkmaid, a traditional fable with a moral for children. our site has selected this fable because it teaches children that whoever loves a lot can be left with nothing. Story about greed.

5. The lion and the mouse. A story about gratitude. The fable The lion and the mouse, for children. On our site you can find fables to educate children in values. Popular fable of the lion and the mouse. Short stories with values ​​for children. Children's fables with a moral.

6. The goose that laid the golden eggs. Story about patience. We offer you one of the most popular children's fables: The hen that lays the golden eggs. It is a fable for children that transmits a series of values. In this case, it speaks of greed. Short stories to educate children and make them fond of reading. Fables with a moral for children.

7. The cicada and the ant. Story that speaks of effort. The fable The grasshopper and the ant, for children. A traditional children's fable with a moral. This fable teaches the value of work and effort. Short stories with a message for children. Fables are a good resource to entertain and educate children. That fable is a classic instructive children's story.

8. The three little pigs. Story that talks about work. Value of effort and work for children. To celebrate Labor Day, our site has created an illustrated story with beautiful images from the story The Three Little Pigs, for children.

9. Little red riding hood. Story that talks about obedience. Tale of Little Red Riding Hood. Traditional and new stories published by readers. Short story of little red riding hood, her grandmother and the wolf. Read this short version of the classic children's story: Little Red Riding Hood

10. The fox and the grapes. Fable with a moral for children. Video for children with a beautiful version of the fable The fox and the grapes, a popular fable by Samaniego that tells children about the importance of the value of effort and perseverance. Invite your children to watch this beautiful video story.

Stories and fables illustrated and collected in this video so that parents and children can spend an entertaining time together. Watch this video with the children and then talk about what they learned.

The moral is a teaching that is learned through a story, a tale, a fable, or any story, even from an experience or a dream. It is a word of Latin origin whose etymology is the term 'moral' (referring to customs) and the suffix 'eja' which means belonging. In other words, the moral means using the stories to build the morale of whoever is listening or reading them.

Follow some examples of moral:

- Moral of the story of Little Red Riding Hood
It is a story that warns children about dangers, innocence, the value of family and obedience. The moral of this classic tale is that you should not trust strangers, and obey your parents.

- Moral of the tale of The Three Little Pigs
This tale shows us that the hardest, most difficult, and time-consuming work to complete is the most worthwhile. When you work relentlessly, quickly and in a hurry, work will give you a lot more work later. Teach children the value of effort.

- Moral of the story The lion and the mouse
This fable teaches children that everyone, regardless of size, is necessary and can collaborate with others. That the ability or the promises of others should never be despised, no matter how small. At some point they will fulfill them.

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