Heart ornament for the Christmas tree. Children's craft

Heart ornament for the Christmas tree. Children's craft

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Would you like to make original decorations for your Christmas tree? For example, a beautiful two-color heart that twists and turns.

It is an ideal handwork to do with children. It's simple, you won't need many materials and it will look great on your Christmas tree. Write down everything you need to make a heart ornament for the Christmas tree and follow our step by step.


  • Red card
  • Green card
  • White marker
  • Pair of scissors
  • Silver cord
  • Pencil
  • Glue gun

1. The first thing you have to do is draw small hearts with the white marker on the red card. Fill your card stock with hearts and then cut out a strip of the card about 3 centimeters wide.

2. Now draw circles on the green card. And cut another strip of the same measurements as the red strip.

3. Find your red strip of hearts and fold it in half. Cut through the center. And now, with your green strip of white circles, you need to cut two 6-inch strips. So use the ruler and make a mark to make it perfect.

4. Glue the end of the green strip to the end of the red strip, but making the faces match upside down with each other. Do the same with the other strip.

5. Now you must join the two red strips of hearts. Hearts with hearts, gluing the end and matching the faces on the right.

6. Fold the green strips down and glue the top end of the green strip to the bottom end, forming an arc. Do the same with the red strip, stick its upper end with the lower one but now with the green one.

7. And do the same with the strips you have on the other side. You already have your heart! Now you must add your silver cord so you can hang it from the tree. To do this, you will only have to cut a piece of cord, tie a knot and stick it with the help of the silicone right in the middle of the heart, matching the two parts of the figure.

Now yes, run ... you can now hang it on your Christmas tree.

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