Causes of childhood obesity

Causes of childhood obesity

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Childhood obesity is currently considered the epidemic of the 21st century, if the eating habits and lifestyle of families do not remedy it. According to specialists in obesity issues, dietary changes and the new sedentary ways of life are the main triggers in the increase of the obesity childish.

The choice of food by parents to make a balanced diet for the whole family and physical activity daily are the factors that can contribute the most to children not being overweight.

We tell you what are the causes of childhood obesity.

The main cause of childhood obesity is that many parents have to divide between multiple tasks, work and household, and find it more comfortable to offer a fast food to his children. They start with industrial buns, follow the 'nuggets' (prepared chicken batters), and end with sweets. Day after day, these eating habits become a bad habit. The foods are very attractive because of their appearance, but they do not contain the nutrients or vitamins necessary for them to children grow up strong and healthy.

For those parents, usually the ones who never have time, the most important thing is satisfy hunger of their children, without worrying whether or not they are compromising the future of their health. Parents, like many grandparents, also sin with exaggerated concern about the amount of food children eat. They offer them menus without considering the controls regarding the fats, sugars, and other components that only make you fat. There is more information on the subject, but habits keep changing for the worse.

Ideally, according to experts, a child should consume some two thousand calories a day and that half of them were covered by carbohydrates, a third by fats and the rest by proteins. But instead of eating bread, rice, or beans, children are eating sweets, sodas, and sweets.

Apart from the consumption of foods high in fat and sugar, the sedentary lifestyle of many children make them more obese. Being physically active is essential to your growth and health. The Lifestyle that children wear has also changed a lot. Most of the activities they carry out are concentrated around television, the computer and video games. Many families, due to lack of time or comfort, end up leaving their children in front of the television for an entire afternoon, instead of taking them to the Park or to any other activity that favors them more.

Outdoor games, excursions, sports, etc., are replaced by activities every day sedentary. According to the latest surveys, Spanish children spend an average of 2.5 hours a day watching television and an additional half hour playing video games or connected to the Internet.

There are, in addition to bad eating habits and lack of physical activity, which are the ones that lead the reasons why society is overweight, other factors that determine childhood obesity. There may be social, physiological, metabolic, and genetic influences. A child with obese parents, for example, you will be predisposed to being obese as well. Be it due to a social issue, a bad eating habit, or genetics. Obesity can also occur if the child suffers from any Psychological trastorn.

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