The pacifier or finger for babies

The pacifier or finger for babies

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My baby is getting older and it is time to remove the pacifier. It seems that when babies stop using the pacifier their baby image is transformed and they begin to acquire the image of a child.

However, removing the pacifier from a baby is something that requires a special skill so that they, who are very clever, do not substitute the pacifier for the thumb, something that is theirs and that we cannot remove. We will tell you more about the habit of thumb sucking for babies.

Babies' fondness for thumb sucking is something that has its origin in the womb. Already in the womb, babies begin to develop their sucking instinct, which after birth they need it to feed and to latch onto the mother's womb. Immersed in amniotic fluid, babies discover a pleasant sensation when they put their thumb in their mouth. And it is that to me, for example, it was impressive to see my first son sucking his finger in a ultrasoundThe same thing that happened to me later with my second baby when we discovered him rubbing his eyes when he saw him at 20 weeks of pregnancy.

The habit of thumb sucking is a widespread habit that roughly 60 to 80 percent of babies practice. It is extremely cute to watch babies suck their thumb when their cheeks swell up and overflow peace and tranquilitycalm and confident with your thumb in your mouth. This feeling of stability caused by having the finger in their mouth, which helps them when they are hungry or sleepy, is the reason why many parents consent to the habit, without being aware that, in some cases, this can turn into something harmful for the health of the child when he grows up.

So which is better pacifier or thumb sucking? The difference between the modern anatomical systems of the pacifiers and the finger is based mainly on the pressure exerted by the finger against the palate and teeth, which is capable of creating malformations in the mouth. Thus, when a baby does not lose the habit of sucking his thumb over the years, it tends to intensify the pressure it exerts and generate a malformation in the teeth (they can grow very far apart and outwards) and damage to the structure of the mouth, which can lead to a speech therapy problem.

For this reason, experts recommend pacifier use to prevent babies from sucking their thumb. And in addition, they advise that the use of the pacifier begins to be eliminated from the year of life and does not last beyond 18 months to prevent the habit from becoming a vice and substitute the pacifier for the finger to calm their states of stress and anxiety. To remove the pacifier from babies it is important to start doing it at times during the day, leaving it at first only to sleep. This system has given me very good results with my children. Later, it is important that the baby learns to fall asleep without a pacifier, choosing very well the moment when we are going to do without it, that is, when we see that the baby is calm and relaxed.

When children are older and have a deep-rooted habit of sucking their thumb, you can try putting gloves to children and if they have deformed their palate or teeth, there are dental braces to solve the problem of malformations of the mouth.

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