How to Help Your Child Make a Wish List for Christmas

How to Help Your Child Make a Wish List for Christmas

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The Christmas It is the most magical period of the year, a time when children and adults share hope, happiness and solidarity. For children, opening Christmas presents represents a unique joy.

But how can we help our children make a conscious Christmas wish list so that they won't be disappointed with the outcome later? In we find a way to guide the children to write the perfect Christmas letter and learn how to select your Christmas surprises.

- General previous list. When it comes to choosing Christmas wishes, one of the best tips is to make a preliminary list that is general, including all those gifts that the child wants. This means that later they can remove some, do without others and choose the ones that you will truly enjoy and need. But until you get to this point, it is better to write many more than necessary. Useful wishes, whims and gifts can be included.

- Royal wishes. After this previous list, the child must be guided to recognize the ones they really want. Many times the real desires are hidden among others that do not make so much illusion. If our children are sports lovers, they will probably choose accessories that have to do with the discipline in question, which also they will be useful and they will be able to use them every time they practice it. It is at that moment when it is necessary to detect the real wishes, masked perhaps by other types of accessories that they would put aside a few minutes after opening them in front of the Christmas tree.

- Useful gifts. Once the general list and the list of real wishes have been made, it is time to establish with our children the useful gifts that, in addition to making them very excited, will be the ones that they will really use after opening them. Therefore, it is convenient to establish a dialogue with the children about their hobbies: sports, crafts, painting, drawing, music... From them, we will specify a recommended number of gifts and thus they will not ask for presents that they will not like later.

- Whims. It is at this moment when you have to identify what is a desire and what is a whim in order to discern between the two. The magic and illusion of Christmas bring with them the desire to have many gifts, so it is convenient for children to be aware that you cannot get everything you ask for. However, it is always nice that they happen little christmas miracles as a gift that is earnestly desired. And that's why a whim can also be a positive on the wish list.

- Definitive letter. After having chosen the wishes, the products that are going to be used and a whim to make the Christmas magic come true, it is time to prepare the definitive letter, with the gifts that are really possible to enjoy at Christmas.

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