Natural or artificial Christmas tree

Natural or artificial Christmas tree

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Probably one of the most special components of the Christmas season is the time to put the tree at home.

The Christmas tree It is one of the most beautiful traditions to share with the family with children, where dreams come true and gifts and the illusion of Christmas magic arrive. But when it comes time to buy a Christmas tree at home, what is better, a natural tree, or one that is artificial?

In We find the pros and cons of buying one or the other for the Christmas holidays.

- Natural christmas tree

The biggest advantage of buying a tree that is 'real' is that it is much more special. Being able to have a living being that is a wonderful plant at home for the Christmas holidays brings more magic when opening gifts and waiting for the arrival of Santa Claus and the Magi of the East. Another issue that favors the natural tree is that the aroma is unmatched because you will find yourself in the middle of nature.

However, also having a natural tree has its drawbacks, such as the fact that it is not reusable, and that keeping a tree, whether Christmas or not, in the living room of a house is not something that is viable.
It also requires much more care than an artificial one and can cause allergies at any given time in family members. Other than that, it makes the house a lot dirtier.

- Artificial christmas tree

The pros of buying an artificial tree are precisely those that speak of its reuse. A Christmas tree does not usually spoil from one year to the next, -although everything will depend on the affection with which it is treated and the use that its owners give it-, so buying an artificial one is a better investment for last several Christmases.
Furthermore, its branches are more resistant and heavier ornaments can be put on without being damaged as if it were natural, since they are made for this purpose. They can also be folded and stored in a loft in the house easily until the following year, and they do not drop leaves or branches because they are not real.

The main disadvantage of buying an artificial tree is that the magic of the truth of having nature live at home during such familiar and beautiful dates as Christmas is nipped in the bud. Furthermore, on the other hand, it is necessary thoroughly clean the tree before and after of its use, since after a year stored and with so many accessories it can accumulate a lot dust and it is not easy to withdraw.

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