Competition or cooperation between children What is better?

Competition or cooperation between children What is better?

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Educate our children in the competition or in cooperation; that they depend on themselves, or that the result of what they do depends, in part, on others.

Competition or cooperation between children, what is better? The truth is that it is a great dilemma that is posed to us by parents: choosing whether we should promote more competitive attitudes in our children, or on the contrary, more cooperative attitudes.

In this case, in the middle ground it will be part of the pedagogical recommendation that I offer in this article.

Why do I recommend that you be in the middle ground part of the solution? because promoting both competitive and cooperative aspects in children complements the person with an important integral development.

We equip children with double tools that will allow them to cope in situations that require individual efforts and talent, as well as teamwork skills.

Go ahead I have my own belief of what it is to compete: For me, "to compete is to put, at the service of the objective, all your physical and mental resources".

From training in competitive kids we should keep that each one:

1. Find your best means.

2. Develop skills in uncertain contexts.

3. Adopt attitudes focused on gets better.

4. Know clearly define an objective.

From training in cooperative children we should keep that each one:

- Have personal autonomy at the service of the group.

- The inclusion by everyone.

- Enjoy that learning and fun take place in groups.

- Enjoy of process more than the result.

In conclusion, say that, we must focus on training our children the positive part that competition offers, and the positive side that cooperation offers.

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