Feeding tips for children with gastroenteritis

Feeding tips for children with gastroenteritis

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Gastroenteritis is one of the most common illnesses in childhood. Its cause can be viruses or bacteria, either from the environment or from spoiled food, such as salmonellosis.

Should children with gastroenteritis diet? Should we insist that they eat? What is the best diet in these cases? On our site we clarify how a child's diet should be if he suffers from this disorder.

Its symptoms basically include vomiting and / or diarrhea, accompanied by stomach pain and cramps, and sometimes fever, since it is one of the body's defense mechanisms against infections. In addition, and since the gastrointestinal tract is the most affected, it is accompanied by a loss of appetite that causes alarm in the parents, but if it is a healthy child, it does not present a danger to health.

Although gastroenteritis is uncomfortable and unpleasant for the little ones, it usually disappears on its own within a period of about a week. However, it is advisable to be alert and consult a doctor in the case of younger children or when a favorable evolution is not seen. In addition, we must ensure adequate nutrition for children with gastroenteritis, do not miss these tips:

- There is one food, only one, essential in cases of gastroenteritis and / or diarrhea: water, since dehydration is one of the secondary problems associated with this disease. Both vomiting and diarrhea, even more the latter, generate a very high loss of fluids in the body, and even more so when they are young children, so it is vital to replace them. In addition to the need for water, electrolytes are also lost, which is why minerals are very desirable as a companion to drinking water.

- Although water is the best option -the serum is not usually to your liking- any drink not too sugary, juices, or even fruits with a high water content in different formats, including popsicles or smoothies, are desirable, since hydration is the most important thing in the course of gastroenteritis.

- For the rest, there is no diet to cure gastroenteritis, no food is going to alleviate the symptoms or accelerate the recovery of the child, so we can only trust the physical state and the desires of our little ones, being a priority to listen and satisfy their needs, no matter how crazy they are. Their rhythm must be respected and, although offering them food is never too much, it is better not to overdo it or force them, and bear in mind that they are more likely to be willing to eat their favorite foods than others that are not to their liking. It is better to offer them in small portions so that the child does not feel overwhelmed, do it frequently or simply leave it within reach.

- Although there is no general rule in these cases, solid foods are easier to keep in the stomach than liquids in case the gastroenteritis occurs with vomiting, and complex carbohydrates (rice, bread, pasta, potatoes ...) are easier to digest than those more fatty, such as fried.

- In addition, to help restore the intestinal microflora, fermented foods like yogurts are highly desirableSince the bacteria they contain are allies of the immune system to fight infection and prevent a new one.

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