Destination heaven. Angels tale for children

Destination heaven. Angels tale for children

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We invite you to read this original and funny story by the poet Marisa Alonso Santamaría: Destino el cielo. A beautiful story for young children that we can read aloud with them.

It's about a angels tale for children in which two naughty little angels have a lot of adventures before reaching heaven. Reading stories with your children is a fantastic activity that encourages the pleasure of reading, stimulates their vocabulary and invites them to dream.

Two mischievous angels were running through the sky and, suddenly, they realized that they had come out of heaven and did not know how to return. They were lost.

- What do we do now? How will we find our way back? Said the older angel.

Very close to them a girl heard their words and appeared before them.

- Hi, I'm Marina, do you come from another world? - She said surprised to see the white wings to the children.

The little angels looked at her in surprise and said:

We have lost ourselves and we do not know how to return to heaven, can you help us?

"I've never been to heaven," he said, pausing but I think I can help you.

- I'll be right back! - He said disappearing from sight.

Marina appeared earlier than expected with a strange device in her hands.

"It's a GPS from my father," he informed the children. We use this when we go on a trip so we don't get lost.

When he turned it on a little light lit up.

- Look, we have to put the place where we are now and, I do know that, - Marina said as she entered the starting address.

- Where do you want to go? - I ask.

- To heaven! - The angels answered at the same time.

"Destiny, heaven," Marina said aloud as she entered the new address.

Then, to the surprise of the angels, the machine spoke.

- Estimated time of arrival at 24.00.

"I will accompany you," Marina said immediately and, following the directions of the machine, they started walking.

- Entering the rainbow, - spoke the apparatus again, - go to the red path. And the three of them went there.

- Continue on this path what it takes to sing two songs. - spoke the GPS.

And the three children singing, they went down the red road having a great time

"Please get into the right lane and take the orange road," the GPS spoke again.

- Stay on the orange road long enough to tell three stories.

And the children did so, enjoying each story, happy and entertained.

- Please, take the yellow branch, said the GPS again. Stay on the yellow path as long as you recite three poems. And each one recited his own.

- Please take the green path. Stay on the green path as long as it takes to play a goose.

And the very happy children played a game of goose.

- Please take the fork in the blue road. Stay on the blue path while they play hide and seek.

And the funny three played hide and seek.

- Please go around the roundabout and take the third indigo exit. Stay on this path as you name the people you love the most.

And the three named their parents, siblings, relatives and friends feeling very happy.

- Please, get into the right lane and take the purple branch, you are very close to your destination.

- Stay on the purple path long enough to say goodbye.

The little angels hugged each other very happily and kissed Marina after thanking her for her help. They had had such a fun and wonderful trip that they would never forget.

You have reached your destination, - spoke the GPS. Your destination is on the right.

He has reached heaven.

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