Birthday in the woods. Tales for children about the forest

Birthday in the woods. Tales for children about the forest

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The birthday in the forest is an original story by Azucena Zarzuela in which all the fairies and animals of the forest prepare the birthday of the Greater Sorceress. Everyone wants to participate and look good for the big occasion.

What surprises will they have for you?

The forest was churning. All of her fairies were working so hard to make the 100th birthday party of the Greater Sorceress was a success. It was going to be a big surprise.

It was only a few hours before she arrived from her trip, which she did every year, through the nearby seas. And there was still a lot to do.

The Fairy of Creatures adorned all the animals of the forest. He knotted Mr. Owl a blue tie with green dots. A red tulle skirt is what Mrs. Squirrel chose. All the ants decided to put a top hat on their heads and Mr. Fox opted for purple gloves. The lady weasel I wanted to carry a large bag of flowers. They were all very handsome and elegant.

The Fruit Fairy she made a great cake. To do this, she chose the Elder Sorceress's favorite fruits: pineapple, banana, blackberries and apples. He made it very large, multi-story, because he did not want anyone to be left hungry. It was going to be delicious, and to make it pretty too, he decorated it with candy ties and small flowers.

While everyone worked, the Flower fairy and the Fairy of Light were fighting over decoration. The first wanted to create a carpet of orange and pink flowers, hang garlands from the trees with yellow and purple flowers, build chairs intertwining brown and red flowers ... And the second wanted lanterns to hang from the trees, that there were only candles on the tables ... They argued and did not agree. It was finally the Fairy of inventions who found the solution. With a spell moving his magic wand in circles he created flowers that emitted light of many colors.

It was at that moment that the Elder Sorceress arrived in the forest. Everything was perfect and, while the birthday girl was excited and grateful for the surprise, all the birds began to sing "Happy Birthday".

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