Homemade Christmas trees to make with children

Homemade Christmas trees to make with children

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Christmas decoration with crafts

Christmas crafts to do with children


This Christmas tree made with ice cream sticks and sequins is perfect to hang as an ornament to a larger Christmas tree. You can make several of them and distribute them all over the branches, but also hang them on the house doors.

The empty rolls of toilet paper they are a great material to make thousands of things. Here we leave you a small Christmas tree made with a roll of paper and a bit of cardboard so you can make a craft with the children this Christmas.

Look how curious this Christmas tree is, it is made with tree twigs and buttons. We teach you to do it in this tutorial so that your children are also ecological at Christmas.

Children are lovers of balloons, so we teach you to make a craft of a Christmas tree made entirely with green, brown and yellow balloons.

Don't have room to put the Christmas tree at home? Don't worry, here we leave you an article on how you can make a garland of small Christmas trees to hang with children. Surely you will find a hole for this one.

This Christmas tree made with cardboard and paper fringes is very easy to make with children. You can also give it some imagination and add some colored balls and cardstock stars for some color.

You can help your child to bring out the sculptor inside him by making a Christmas tree with colored plasticine. It's simple, you just need plasticine and a little imagination. Here we leave you an example, but the possibilities are endless.

Usecardboard plates that you do not use is a good way to recycle and to ignite the imagination of children. We have made this curious Christmas tree, but there are countless crafts with dishes that you can make for Christmas.

This is a very simple tree that at smallest of the house They will love to decorate the Christmas tree or hang in any corner of the house. You only need a few popsicle sticks and some colored beads.

Do you have any magazines left over? ... Well, you already have a Christmas tree! Look how original this Christmas tree is that we have prepared for you so that you can do it with the children. It's easy, eco-friendly, and quick to do.