The rights of the hospitalized child

The rights of the hospitalized child

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As stated in the European Charter of the Rights of Hospitalized Children, 'the child has the right to be accompanied of their parents or the person who replaces them, for as long as possible, during their stay in the hospital, not as passive spectators but as active elements of hospital life, without incurring additional costs.

The exercise of this right must not in any way prejudice or hinder the application of treatments to which the child must be subjected '. However, in practice, parents were forced to divide between their work and the care of their sick child.

In we tell you more about the rights of the hospitalized child.

Until now this situation was very unfair, since parents were forced to request sick leave for other reasons in order to spend as much time as possible accompanying their children in the hospital, during their treatments. The use of these false casualties to be with their children creates undue stress for some families. In the beginning, everyone turns, even companies, but when the treatment is prolonged the problems begin and for some the pressure becomes unbearable.

It is a child's right that when he is sick his father or mother are with him, although it is also about of a parental right and of benefit to children. Only in childhood cancer, there are around 1,300 cases a year in Spain, 80 percent are cured, but the treatments last from six months to two years. At the same time, it is calculated that the average budget of a family with a sick minor increases an average of 400 euros to 600 euros per month between medications, special foods or travel. And some studies, carried out by associations of chronically ill children have revealed that out of every 10 families, 7 could not reconcile work and family life and 3 lost their jobs.

In Spain, now some 3,000 families with children suffering from serious illnesses will be able to benefit, from January 1, 2011, to the new temporary allowance approved by the Government that will regulate the employment situation of these parents and that will guarantee peace of mind to the families thanks to the absence from work and the consequent financial assistance of the State. The measure, originally intended for parents with children with cancer, will be extended to any other serious illness that requires hospital admission. Being together with their parents in a right of sick children, the implementation of which has been requested for 16 years in congresses on work and family conciliation.

Finally, this petition has achieved the status of law and covers all sick minors requiring prolonged hospitalization. The regulation covers a legal void that existed and will allow the last part of the population that was not served with the benefit system of the Social Security. The regulation that the decree will develop to establish, for example, the maximum and minimum periods that, according to the medical protocol, each treatment or the catalog of diseases that can benefit from this measure, require yet to be defined.

Help will have retroactive character from January 1, 2011 and can be requested directly through the website of the Social Security or the mutuals and in the corresponding offices. The only requirement is that both parents are working for own or someone else's account and or are registered or affiliated with a Social Security scheme. Measure no expense some for companies, since the wage cost is assumed by Social Security. Nor will it be an economic drain on the state coffers because, in practice, these losses were being paid through other types of formulas such as leave due to anxiety or depression, which covered the real reason.

Thanks to the entry into force of this new rule, parents with long-term sick children will be supported by Social Security, an entity that will pay a benefit through mutuals or through the National Institute of Social Security. This benefit can cover a reduction of working hours, which allows the father or mother to combine work with the care of their sick child in the hospital, or a total reduction.

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