Movies for children at Christmas

Movies for children at Christmas

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Christmas is a very special time, when the streets are filled with lights and the homes with gifts. Children enjoy some very special days, in which they can see some of these Christmas movies.

For children, Christmas is another reason for joy, because they can also enjoy the second longest vacation time of the year, after summer. These are days to relax, enjoy and forget about school and obligations. For parents, however, it can be a problem that children have so much free time. They are at home for many hours, and they are not used to breaking the routine and it is convenient to have several activities planned.

Besides making some Christmas recipes, spending an afternoon decorating the house or doing some crafts, there is always a space to have fun with a family movie.

Here are some of the Christmas movies that we can see these days at home. Classics like an adaptation of the ballet 'The Nutcracker', or the endearing story of 'The Invention of Hugo'. And other films that, despite not being set at Christmas, transmit essential values ​​to children and are very entertaining for these holidays.

Hugo's invention. Hugo's Invention, a beautiful story about a poor boy and watchmaker who will have adventures trying to decipher mysteries. Scorsese movie. Movie trailer for children and families, leisure activities for children. Cinema, leisure and entertainment. Film based on a children's story. See trailer of movies for children, children

Frozen, the kingdom of ice. Frozen, the kingdom of ice, the animated film for children at Christmas. Guiainfantil offers you the trailer for this movie that tells the struggle of Anna, Kristoff, the reindeer Sven and the snowman Olaf to save their kingdom from an eternal winter.

The Nutcracker. Animated movie trailer The Nutcracker for children and the family. Animated film based on the traditional tale of the Nutcracker, also taken to ballet. See trailer of movies for children, children

Classic Christmas movies. We have selected a series of classic and modern films that make us laugh or cry, that move us and teach us the true spirit of Christmas. Check out our guide to movies that talk about Christmas and transmit values ​​to children.

Arlo's journey. Arlo's Journey is a film about the value of kindness and friendship. A boy meets an innocent and caring dinosaur. The two become friends and decide to accompany each other on a journey full of adventure.

Catch the flag. 'Catch the Flag' is a children's space adventure film. An entertaining, funny story full of values. The protagonist is a boy willing to fulfill a dream, reach the moon and help his family in this way. Will it succeed?

Reverse. Inside Out is a fun, cute Pixar movie full of positive messages. In this case, the protagonists are the emotions. In a pleasant and simple way, they explain to children why they are sometimes sad, happy or scared, innate feelings in people.

The little Prince. The adaptation of The Little Prince, one of the most popular works of literature, versioned in theaters for children. A girl discovers the fascinating story of the Little Prince. Only through his eyes, full of innocence, will the elderly be able to understand his messages.

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