Children's tongue twisters with the letter D

Children's tongue twisters with the letter D

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The tongue twisters or tongue detraba, as they say in some countries, are fun word games in which children have to use their best linguistic skills.

They have multiple benefits for children, since, through these word games, children improve their vocalization, they activate their memory and their concentration, it makes them expand their vocabulary and they are fun.

In we leave you some tongue twister with letter D

Where I say I say, I do not say I say, I say Diego;

where Diego Diego, I don't say Diego, I say I say.

If the witch unravels the witch,

and the witch unwits the witch,

and the witcher is debruted

How does the witch un-witch the witch?

They told me that you said

a saying that I have said.

Whoever said it lied.

And, in case he had said

that saying that you have said

what did I say,

said and said it was.

And it would be very well said,

as long as I had said

that saying that you have said

what I said.

I have a doll descuecipelicrespa,

Who will take it out on me?

The Despelicuecipelicrespador

let me rip it off,

good topping will be.

Side, ledo, lido, mud, ludo,

say it backwards I doubt it,

Ludo, mud, lido, ledo, side,

What work it has cost me!

The greedy dragon swallowed coal and was paunchy.

Paunchy was the dragon for greed.

What a paunchy dragon!

I remember that I remembered that memory,

which is a good memory, which is hard to remember.

The sky is bricked

Who will unroll it?

the unbricker to unbrick it,

good remover will be.

One proposes, another disposes,

the groom arrives and breaks it down.

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