The most obese baby in the world. The tragedy of being overweight in childhood

The most obese baby in the world. The tragedy of being overweight in childhood

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Luis Manuel has not yet completed the year of life and can hardly move. He has no psychomotor problems. His problem is called obesity. His name has sadly become part of the Guinness Record book. He is, at his young age, the most obese baby in the world. It weighs more than 30 kilos.

His case serves to put us on alert again before this scourge that threatens so many children in today's society. Paradoxes of life: so many children starving and others, however, must fight against excess kilos. We analyze the tragedy of being overweight in childhood.

Luis Manuel is Mexican. Nation in Tecomán, Colima. When he was born, he was apparently a normal baby. He weighed three and a half kilos and was about 52 centimeters tall. Ideal. Not too much, not too little. What is said, a normal baby.

But nothing else is born. Luis Manuel began to gain excessively fat. So much so, that after a month of life he already needed the clothes of a two-year-old boy. Your problem? The constant need to eat and eat without stopping. Luis Manuel began to grow at great speed. Before he is 12 months old, he already weighs 30 kilos. In this way, he becomes the most obese baby in the world.

But the biggest problem is not related to how you look, but to your health. Being overweight causes a constant feeling of suffocation. Luis Manuel has trouble breathing and can hardly sleep at night, because if he is lying down, he suffocates.

His mother, Isabel Pantoja Martínez, is desperate. You need urgent help. Your child never seems to be satiated. Doctors are still investigating where the problem is. The child's brain is not able to trigger the satiety alert when he eats. Therefore, he is always hungry and cannot stop eating.

Your symptoms are related with the terrible Prader-Willi syndrome, that occurs in very few babies around the world and that is related to that urgent need to eat at every moment. But it is a syndrome or genetic disorder (it is due to a mutation on chromosome 15) that appears later, generally after 6 months, and Luis Manuel has suffered from this problem since he was born.

Saving specific cases such as Luis Manuel, most of the time childhood obesity is related to diet. With the quantity and quality of the food we feed our children. Do you want to know who are the enemies of their health and the main causes of childhood obesity?

1. Sugar: We consume much more sugar than we should. That is a fact. And the children, the most affected. According to the World Health Organization, children should not consume more than 9 teaspoons of sugar a day, but it is difficult, since foods such as cookies, breakfast cereals or mid-morning dairy products, already exceed that number . Just with the two teaspoons of cocoa that we add to milk every morning, and cereals, they account for almost three teaspoons of sugar. Not to mention the typical 'sweet' that we give our son for recess, which means another two more teaspoons ...

2. Refined flours: The problem with refined flours is that when ingested, it causes a loss of minerals in the body. They also have an excess of starch. And that without forgetting that flours are transformed into glucose in the body. The solution? Replace them with healthier carbohydrates, such as whole wheat flour.

3. Ready meals: Of course, they are a relief in certain cases in which we have little time to cook, but this type of food is designed to 'save us from a hurry', not to be consumed constantly, since they tend to incorporate a greater amount of salt, seasonings and fats.

4. Industrial bakery: Numerous pediatricians have organized a veritable crusade against industrial bakery. Reasons are not lacking. They are a real 'bomb' for children. A single packaged 'bun' can contain more than 15 grams of fat and more than 20 grams of sugar. 23% of the sugar that children should eat throughout the day!

5. Soft drinks: Yes, they seem harmless ... they are easy to swallow, they are liquid ... what harm can they do? In reality, even in liquid form, soft drinks are a vehicle for very dangerous fast-consumption sugars. Kids love drinks like the Aquarius. Do you know how much sugar is in a single can? 26 grams! (The equivalent of five teaspoons of sugar approximately).

6. Dairy: The best dairy products are the natural ones, the ones that do not have colorants or added sugar. But of course, children prefer those dairy products with exotic and sweet flavors, very sweet ... And you know what that means ... Watch the label of the dairy that you give your child, see how many sugars they include and put your hands on it. head.

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