The short frenulum in children

The short frenulum in children

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The so-called frenulum It is a fold of mucous membrane that joins the free part of the tongue with the lower surface of the mouth, just behind the teeth.

Many children at birth have a frenulum too short, which prevents them from moving their tongue properly and which can affect language development due to mispronunciation of words. It is usually detected between 2 and 3 years of age and the most serious cases can be solved with a small surgical operation.

When this mucous fold does not grow enough or appears very close to the tip of the tongue, the child is said to have a short frenulum or a ankyloglossia. It is a congenital anomaly that can prevent the little one from sticking the tongue beyond the line of the teeth and that usually makes it difficult to move to produce certain sounds.

Also, this problem may have repercussions in lactation in its most developed cases, since the baby uses its tongue to suck breast milk.

Children born with a short frenulum may have limited ability to speak due to reduced tongue movement Inside the mouth. The sounds that are produced thanks to their contact with the palate, such as the consonants 'n', 's', 'z', 'l', 't' and 'd', are more complicated for them, especially the pronunciation from the 'r'. Most children with this trouble they tend to adapt and their speech development becomes acceptable.

In general, the frenulum anomaly that affects language is treated from the age of 2, when babies begin to speak more fluently. It is important that if they are detected pronunciation problems in the child, a speech therapist or speech therapist is consulted to assess the best treatment and to rule out neurological complications that affect speech.

The short lingual frenulum can be solved with a conservation treatment if the reduction of the membranous fold is slight or close to the normal limit. In more advanced cases, when the tongue cannot come out in front of the incisors, it is advisable to subject the child to a surgical intervention called a frenectomy, in which the tissue is lengthened.

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