Birth of Christ, in which the bee ran. Poems for children

Birth of Christ, in which the bee ran. Poems for children

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This poem is one of those Sor Juana Ines De La Cruz wrote on mundane issues. This 17th century poetess was a revolutionary woman in her time, fighting for women to have an education, and was one of the few women considered as scholars in her time.

Birth of Christ, in which the bee ran It is a curious poem in which the relationship between bees and flowers is explained. A beautiful poem with great sound to read to children, so that they learn to look at bees in a more cordial way.

Of the most fragrant rose

the Bee Prettier,

to whom the clean dew

gave pure matter.

It is born, then, and just born,

when in the same coin,

which in pearls He received,

start paying in pearls.

Let him cry Sunrise, it's not much,

which is customary in its beauty;

but who is there who does not admire

that the Sun shed tears?

If it is to fertilize the Rose,

is idle diligence,

Well, dew is not necessary

after the Bee is born;

and more, when at the closing

of her virginal purity,

no antecedent could have

nor can there be someone who happens.

Well, to what end is crying

that sweetly waters him?

Who can not bear more fruit,

What does it matter how sterile it is?

But oh! that the bee has

so intimate dependence

always with the rose, what

your life depends on it;

Well, giving him the nectar pure

that their fragrances engender,

not only before he conceives it,

but then he feeds her.

Son and mother, in so divine

pilgrim competitions,

none remains debtor

and both bound remain.

The Bee pays the Dew

that the Rose begets her,

and she returns to him

with the same thing that encourages her.

Helping each other

with mutual correspondence,

the Bee to the fertile Flower,

and she sustains the Bee.

Well, if that's why it's crying,

cry Jesus, good night,

what is dispensed in dew

he will charge later in nectar.

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