Charter of the rights of the hospitalized child

Charter of the rights of the hospitalized child

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The Charter of the rights of the hospitalized child is a document, assumed by all the countries of the European Union, which recalls the right of children and the obligation of parents to accompany their children during hospitalization. Most children who require cancer treatments, transplanted children or heart patients require an average of two years of treatment.

A work permit to take care of children in the hospital, because when a child falls ill it is as if their parents did too, who have to be with them, giving them security, at all times.

The Charter of the Rights of the Hospitalized Child is currently in force in all European countries.

A.- Right of the child to be accompanied by their parents, or the person who replaces them, as long as possible, during their stay in the hospital, not as passive spectators but as active elements of hospital life, without incurring additional expenses; The exercise of this right must not in any way prejudice or hinder the application of the treatments to which the child must be subjected.

B.- Right of the child to receive a information adapted to your age, their mental development, his affective state and psychological, with respect to the set of medical treatment to which he is subjected and the positive perspectives that said treatment offers.

C.- Right of their parents or of the person who replaces them to receive all the information relating to the illness and well-being of the child, as long as the fundamental right of the child regarding his / her privacy is not affected by it.

D.- Right of parents, or of the person who replaces them, to express their compliance with the treatments that apply to the child.

E.- The child's right to a individual reception and follow-up, being allocated, as far as possible, to the same patients and assistants for said reception and the necessary care.

F.- Right of parents or of the person who substitutes them to an adequate reception and to their tracing psychosocial in charge of personnel with specialized training.

G.- Right of the child to not be subjected to pharmacological or therapeutic experiences. Only parents or the person who replaces them, duly advised of the risks and advantages of these treatments, will have the possibility to grant their authorization, as well as to withdraw it.

H.- Right of the child to not receiving useless medical treatments and not to bear physical and moral suffering that can be avoided.

I.- Right to be treated with tact, education and understanding and to have their privacy respected.

J.- Right (and means) of the child of contact their parents, or with the person who replaces them, in moments of tension.

K.- Right to assurance of receiving the care you need, even in the event that the intervention of justice is necessary if the parents or the person who substitutes them deny them, or are not in a position to take the appropriate steps to face the emergency.

L.- The right of the child to be hospitalized with other children, avoiding as much as possible their hospitalization among adults.

M.- Children's right to continue their school training during their stay in the hospital, and to benefit from the teaching of the teachers and the didactic material that the school authorities make available to them, in particular in the case of a hospitalization prolonged, on the condition that said activity does not cause harm to their well-being and / or does not hinder the medical treatments that are followed.

N.- Children's right to have furnished and equipped premises, so that they respond to their needs in terms of care and education, as well as games, books and audiovisual media suitable and adapted to their age.


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