The right of children to have a home and a dwelling

The right of children to have a home and a dwelling

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Every human being has the universal right to decent and adequate housing as contemplated in article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Children especially, being the most vulnerable group in all aspects (health, exploitation, etc.) should have all the help from the governments so that the right to home is a reality.

All children have the right to have a home, a house where you can protect yourself from the cold and where you can live with your family. In addition to being a home, it must be a home where the child can live with understanding, tolerance, friendship, love and protection.

All boys and girls need to have a home, and have the affection from his parents, who also have the right to know, and to be cared for by them, for a correct and complete development of their personality. In addition, parents acquire the commitment to feed, clothe and educate them.

But there are specific cases in which these circumstances are impossible to occur, such as in situations in which the parents beat them, repress them or if coexistence between the spouses is impossible, in which case a judge must help the minors to choose where to live.

Children need a home where they can live with their family, eat, play, rest and develop. Without a home, children roam the streets and face dangers that put their lives and limbs at risk.

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