Appetizers and desserts for children's Halloween party

Appetizers and desserts for children's Halloween party

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Homemade and easy recipes to start and finish your children's Halloween night


Cake-pops are nothing more than sponge cake presented in the shape of a ball and crossed with a stick. Following the cake pop recipe and using imagination, we can make desserts and sweets as original as this pumpkin or this cake pop mummy for children. Suggestion from

If you want to know recipes on how to make various cake-pops for Halloween, CLICK HERE.

To make these delicious and terrifying Halloween pumpkin cookies, you have to cook cookies using pumpkin-shaped molds. One is made with a whole shape and the other with cutouts of the eyes and mouth of the halloween pumpkin.

Then, with a bit of strawberry, cherry or forest fruit jam, spread one of them and put the one with the cut-out eyes and mouth on top. The result is this delicious pumpkin cookie for Halloween.

This terrifying cupcake or muffins that he proposes to us, it is ideal for serving children at Halloween party. It is very simple to prepare.

You only need a cupcake or chocolate muffins and to decorate it, brown buttercream or chocolate candy. On top, decorate it with a witch's hat, made of fondant.

A fun pumpkin-shaped cupcake that, in addition to being ideal to serve as a snack at the Halloween party, it is delicious. proposes to make a cupcake covered with orange fondant, to which several lines are made with an awl to give it the appearance of pumpkin. We will make the leaves with green fondant.

An original and fun recipe to surprise your children at the Halloween party: some finger licking chocolate truffles. The truffles are made and then we decorate them with treats in the eyes and to finish we use pretzel sticks for the legs. offers us the step by step of an exquisite recipe that everyone will like. proposes you an easy and chilling grave recipe in the form of exquisite sandwiches for children's Halloween party. An easy recipe for children to collaborate and have a fun time with the family.

To make it, you need slices of bread in the shape of graves, some slices of salami and strips of beets to put the RIP in each of the sandwiches. To accompany, french fries.

What things can we do with fruits for children to eat, right? For the children's Halloween party, we can make two fun and delicious desserts: some banana ghosts and some tangerine pumpkins. How about? invites us to make some scary ghosts. To do this, you just have to peel a banana and then with chocolate chips put eyes and mouth on them. For the pumpkin, we will only need some tangerines. We peel them and then put a piece of chives as if it were the stem of the pumpkin.

Halloween night is approaching and if you are one of those who celebrate a party with children, surely this proposal will interest them. What better way to surprise your children and their friends than with this mummy-shaped cookie? our site proposes us to make mummy cookies for Halloween. How? Well, making cookies with a basic recipe, and then decorating them with fondant.

If you want to know how to make a homemade fondant dough, CLICK HERE.

What do you think of this terrible monstrous mouth? Well, it is made with foods that children like a lot. With apple, peanut butter, and white sugar coated treats, you will be able to create this appetizer for children at the Halloween party. suggests a simple snack idea for children. You just have to cut an apple lengthwise, and with 1/4 of the apple, make the mouth. Then, pass peanut butter and arrange the treats.

If you want to prepare a snack for children on Halloween, you can prepare original appetizers that will be terrifying with a little imagination. proposes to make some delicious witch's fingers or claws. To do this, a few finger cupcakes, putting aniline or green food coloring in the dough. There are molds for it. To imitate the nails, put on top unpeeled almonds, so that they have this dark aspect.

What do you think if we make these curious toasts in the shape of mummies for the children's snack or Halloween party? proposes us a very easy recipe. To make these fun mummies, we need a slice of sliced ​​bread (if possible toasted), ketchup to spread it, strips of cheese to wrap the slice of bread, and then slices of olives for our mummy's eyes. Do you dare?

Fun and original muffins or cupcakes with spider faces, to celebrate Halloween with children. To make this recipe you only need a cupcake, fondant of different colors and sweets. Decorate first with the fondant, then sprinkle with colored noodles. To finish, treats are used for the eyes and paws.

our site proposes an ideal dessert for the Halloween party.

A simple, exquisite recipe that children will love is this Red Peppers stuffed with meat, shaped like a Halloween pumpkin. In addition, it is an easy and very quick recipe to make with children. He proposes an original recipe that we started to prepare by stewing minced meat. Then the red pepper is emptied, the face of a halloween pumpkin is cut out, a lid, and it is stuffed with the meat. To finish, the pepper is baked until tender.

These cookies are very easy to prepare and children will be amazed by them when they see them. To make them you only have to cook ghost-shaped cookies.

When they are ready, knead white fondant and cut it into the shape of the cookie. A little edible glue will help you adhere it to the cookie. The eyes and mouth are made with black fondant. An idea that he proposes to us for children's Halloween party.

Sometimes you don't need to be an excellent cook to prepare powerful Halloween recipes. Just a little imagination.

Thus, you can make ghostly sandwiches, simply joining two slices of bread, cutting them in half and filling it with a slice of ham. Next, the top one is cut in half and a piece of ham is put on to imitate the mummy's tongue. To finish, cut black olives in half and put them as the eyes of the mummy were. We already have our ghost.

To sweeten the children's Halloween night, our site suggests these curious mummy muffins or cupcakes. It is very simple, you will have to make a chocolate cupcake first. Then, a cake-pops with chocolate coating is made.

To join one with the other, use strips made with white fondant. And to finish, a pinch of fondant is put in the cake-pops for the eyes of our mummy. You dare?

If you want to know how to make a cake-pop, CLICK HERE.

On Halloween, the more originality in the food, the better. Kids will love eating these cute mummies made from meat dumplings and bread dough. And to finish a touch of ketchup. proposes the recipe for an easy, simple and quick appetizer to make. You just have to prepare some meatballs and fry them. When they are cold, prepare a bread dough and cut out some strips. With these strips, go around 3 or 4 meatballs. To finish, cut details of kitchen egg white and a piece of black olive, to make the eyes. Don't forget to put 'blood' on the mummy with a few strokes of ketchup. What is it fun for?

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