Good night. Christmas poem for children

Good night. Christmas poem for children

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Loved nerve He was a Mexican poet and prose writer, belonging to the modernist movement of the late nineteenth century. His poems are known throughout the world, although he had special relevance in Europe and Mexico, being part of the Mexican Academy of Language.

Here we leave you one of his best known poems dedicated to Christmas Eve and the birth of Jesus. Perfect to read to children when Christmas approaches.

Pastors and pastors,

Eden is open.

Can't you hear loud voices?

Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

The light from heaven comes down

the Christ was born already,

and in a nest of straw

which bird is.

The child is chilly.

Oh noble ox,

clothe with your breath

The songs and the flights

invade the extension,

and land ... and heart.

Pure voices resound

Hosanna in the high

just from Israel!

Shepherds in a flock

come, come,

to see the advertised

Flower of David!

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