How to Correct Boneus in Children

How to Correct Boneus in Children

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When children begin to speak they produce sounds, they play with them, they try them out, they form words and phrases, and sometimes they substitute in the words that they pronounce some sounds for others. This substitution occurs frequently between eThe S sound and the Z sound. If the child utters the sound S when he should make the sound Z, we say that Sesea.

While children are acquiring language, it should not be given greater importance, but around the age of 5 they should master sounds in a precise way and, therefore, if this substitution of letters persists, the evaluation, assessment and treatment by a specialist.

It should not be forgotten that in various Spanish-speaking regions this substitution constitutes a characteristic of the regional dialectl and therefore should not be considered a problem.

From home we can always help our son to correct his breasts, reinforcing the work done by him speech therapist through a series of exercises which we show below:

1- Breathing exercises:

- Take an inhalation through the nose and an exhalation through the mouth smooth and continuous.

2- Puff exercises:

- Exercise a soft and continuous breath. You can use different elements such as candles, straws, pomperos, paper balls, etc.

3- Lip and tongue exercises:

- Zoom in and out the corner of the lips

- Advance and retract the lips parted

- Widening and narrowing the tip of the tongue

- Stick the tongue flat between the teeth and maintain this position

- In this position, inhale through the nose and release the air through the mouth gently producing zzzzz

4- Auditory discrimination exercises:

- Recognize from a list of words that the child is told which ones have the Z sound

- Recognize between pairs of words which have the sound z and which the sound s (hunting-house, pottery-slab, maza-masa, poza-posa, ceta-seta ...)

5- Specific exercises for producing the Z sound:

- Repetition of the sound between vowels (aza, azo, azu, ace aci, oza, ozo, ..)

- Repetition of words with this sound, phrases that contain it, rhymes, songs, stories, onomatopoeias

All these exercises must be carried out with our son of a fun and relaxed way, without subjecting them to any pressure due to the fact that it does not produce this sound or any other well. With time, work, effort and love you will be able to learn and automate sound Right.

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