10 German names for boys

10 German names for boys

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We look for the best names for boys to help families choose the name of their baby, a name that can influence the personality of the child and that is why we want it to be the most appropriate. We look at the names of Germanic origin because they are names with character and with interesting meanings. In this list of 10 German names for children you will surely find the ideal name for your baby.

1. Bruno. This name of Germanic origin that means 'breastplate' it is a modern name that gains places in the lists of frequent names. In addition to its charm, it is a name that conveys charisma.

2. Gonzalo. It is one of the most attractive Germanic names and means 'ready for combat'. It has a marked medieval flavor that makes it irresistible for any child.

3. Hugo. The name is typically Germanic and means 'intelligent', but its use has spread throughout the world. And it is one of the most charming names for children, simple, elegant and with personality.

4. Alberto. It's a classic name that means 'nobility'. Despite having a long tradition, it does not lose strength and is always current. Without a doubt, a safe bet for your child.

5. Hans. This is the German version of a name of Hebrew origin that means 'Gift from God' and who is better known to us as Juan. In this variant the name gains in modernity and sophistication.

6. Guillermo. The names of Germanic origin have strong meanings such as 'protective'. It is a traditional name with a distinguished air that never goes out of style.

7. Beltran. This name of Germanic origin means 'bright crow' and it is one of the most desired by families looking for a name with noble and aristocratic airs. Its appeal is undeniable and it also brings personality.

8. Walter. It's a name that means 'commander' in the sense of leader, so it gives off enormous strength. Despite being a Germanic name, its use is spreading around the world because it sounds fresh and original.

9. Rodrigo. A name with history that means 'the one who brings the glory' and that also reminds us of the medieval stories of knights and conquests. In addition to its appeal, the name gives off charisma.

10. Derek. This name means 'ruler of the people' and we like it for that modern touch it presents. Very popular in some parts of the world, little by little it is making its way into the Spanish-speaking world.

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