The benefits of children talking to themselves while playing

The benefits of children talking to themselves while playing

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You have probably noticed that many children talk to themselves while they are playing. Sometimes we even say that they are talking to their invisible friendIt seems that they have a very interesting conversation with someone that only they can see.

This is something very beneficial for your intellectual development, since in this game situation you will be practicing ways to communicate effectively with others.

Do you want to know what the benefits of children talking to themselves while playing?

Don't worry if your child talks to himself while playing, as this can have many advantages for its maturation in the future.

1- Practice different ways of communicating. Especially when you use different characters that interact with each other.

2- He empathizes with these different characters and puts himself in other points of view to understand better how the same situation affects in different ways.

3- Use different roles, understanding that you will have to act more or less firmly if you represent, for example, being a teacher or being a student.

4- It self-correcting, since there is no one to tell you if you say it right or wrong. He also needs to make himself understood so that the other characters with whom he interacts can participate as well (otherwise, there would be no point in continuing to speak out loud).

5- Organize and structure the sentences better, since there is no rush to give an answer and grant the time you need to craft the speech.

6- Use the turn to speak. The impossibility for the characters to interrupt while speaking creates the need for the child to establish certain times so that each of the speakers can express themselves and be heard.

7- It is more flexible and easily find solutions for your favorite characters to agree.

8- Stimulate their creativity through the invention of various conflicts and solutions, necessary for the game to make sense and go as long as you want.

9- He listens to himself, being more aware of what you are saying. This point is basic to understand each other and we should all do it, children and adults, so the more you practice, the more facilities you will have to defend your ideas in the future.

10- Learn more vocabulary, since when you try new communication formulas, different ways of saying the same thing arise but from different perspectives. And the moment you do not know how to explain something, a doubt will appear that you must solve, with which you will be very attentive, after the game, to what is said around you to find the solution, memorizing more easily the new words you will use another day when you find yourself playing with your favorite characters again.

As you can see, there are many benefits in that children talk loudly while playing. Therefore, if you find him talking to himself, I recommend that you avoid interrupting him as much as possible and that you respect his space so that he can express himself freely.

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