The best home decoration for Christmas 2017

The best home decoration for Christmas 2017

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Do you want to decorate the house at Christmas with your children in a simple way? We give you all these original ideas to decorate your home at Christmas through simple crafts that you can do with the help of your children.

We offer you a selection with the best home decoration for Christmas 2017. Enjoy with the help of your children all these crafts.

From Christmas tree decorations to how to create your own Christmas tree ... with a magazine! Surely some of these crafts can help you to decorate the house with your children at Christmas. Enjoy with the selection that we have made with the best home decoration for Christmas 2017:

1. Christmas tree with a magazine:

Is it impossible to make a small Christmas tree with just one magazine? This Christmas craft is going to surprise you. It is a recycling craft and the result is amazing. You can paint it the color you like the most, or decorate it with balls of wool or small colored circles.

2. Paper angel to decorate the house at Christmas:

This is undoubtedly an ideal craft for the little ones in the house. It is original and does not need many materials: only blank sheets, scissors and colored markers. Play with your children to create beautiful paper angels.

3. Figures for the Christmas tree with ice cream sticks:

Children love to decorate the Christmas tree. How about creating your own shapes? They can do it very easily using ... ice cream sticks! Get yourself a few popsicle sticks and build with them from a Christmas star to a cute Santa Claus. Find in this selection figures as original as a reindeer or a Bethlehem portal.

4. Christmas wreaths for the home:

There is a precious tradition in many homes to decorate the front door of the home with a holly wreath. We tell you how to make a holly wreath with felt, or a wreath with tweezers ... although you can also make it with colored paper. They are very simple crafts in which your children can participate. Do you dare to make your own wreath for the door?

5. Crochet decorations for the Christmas tree:

If you like knitting and know how to crochet, this is a perfect source of inspiration for you. We have selected some beautiful crochet figures with which you can decorate your Christmas tree in a very original way. Take a look

6. Christmas origami figures:

The origami figures are ideal figures to place for example, on the Christmas tree. They are very easy to make and do not weigh anything. You can make them in different colors. You dare? We have prepared a selection for you with beautiful origami Christmas figures: from a Santa Claus boot to the Christmas star.

7. Plasticine nativity scene for Christmas:

You can't even imagine the things that can be done with plasticine. Your children can take advantage of the benefits of molding the clay and also make their own Christmas nativity scene. We give you some ideas to inspire you in the most important characters of the Bethlehem portal.

8. Sweet decorations for the Christmas tree:

Can there be anything more tempting than a candy hanging from the Christmas tree? We give you some ideas so you can make your own cookies and sweets to hang from the Christmas fir tree. Your children will share with you a fun cooking session ... What a sweet temptation!

9. Felt Christmas tree decorations:

See how many felt decorations you can make for the Christmas tree ... as many as you can imagine. We tell you how to make a reindeer and a cute snowman for the Christmas fir tree, but you can make as many figures as you can think of.

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