Tongue twisters for children with letters CH and CL

Tongue twisters for children with letters CH and CL

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Tongue twisters are fun Word games in which several syllables and phonemes are repeated forming simple rhyming phrases, but almost impossible to pronounce.

They are all a brain teaser and the language of children, who toil while laughing to pronounce well. It is certainly a fun and enjoyable way to practice language and vocalization.

In we have all kinds of tongue twister: easy, difficult, fun, to play, with the letter P ... and now we challenge you to try the tongue twisters of the letters CH and CL.

Pablito nailed a nail. What little nail did Pablito nail?

The face of the parrot

is rinsed with chlorine,

clear, with chlorine

the parrot's face clears.

Chlorine does not clear Clara's face,

and Clara declares that this is how she leaves her face.

Ocholo buckles eight eights.

Manuel Micho on a whim,

wick the male meat,

and yesterday a boy said,

much male mecha Micho.

Yesterday I ate a custard apple and I got enchirimoyé,

And now how will I get rid of it?

Pacha iron with four plates.

They told me that you said

a saying that I have said.

Whoever said it lied.

And, in case he had said

that saying that you have said

what did I say,

said and said it was.

And it would be very well said,

as long as I had said

that saying that you have said

what I said.

Through the seas of China,

from Beijing China,

a china chincha a lot

with a little reed.

The one who catches him crushes

and shakes the toupee

and pokes him with thumbtacks

and steals his loot,

or iron the bumps

while crashing so chinchín.

An old key, mecca, deaf and old chirping sound,

He had seven sons, teclos, mecos, chirigordos, deaf and old,

If the old woman had not been a key, mecca, chirigorda, deaf and old,

the children would not have been teclos, freckles, chirigordos, deaf and old.

Mecha's mother sent Mecha to buy a wick,

a wick wick lost the wick,

and Mecha's mother grabbed her by the wicks.

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