How to help children write the letter to the Magi

How to help children write the letter to the Magi

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First of all, let's find a time in which no hurries, we can sit with the children to talk and write about what they would like the Three Kings to bring them.

Let's take advantage of the situation, not only to generate a gift list that "save us what to buy this Christmas", if not, also to explain that the Kings bring toys to the children who have behaved well during the year; in this way we can do with them an analysis of their behavior, what things can be improved and how to improve them. We show you how to help children write the letter to the Magi.

When it comes to helping the children write their letter to the Three Wise Men, it is a very good time to remind the children of the rules of conduct that we have at home, because the sooner the Kings or Santa Claus, It can be an extra motivation to fulfill and internalize them.

It would be convenient to put limits on a certain number or type of toys. We often see that children have so many toys that many of them do not even remember or do not even get to play more than a couple of times, because they quickly get boredThey have so many things that they do not value them.

Let's put a check on the number of games to order, Children have to learn that things have to be earned, because in addition to serving to reinforce their good behavior, they will value things more.

Usually, children, choose their gifts, guided by their tastes and by the advertisements they have seen on TV, toys they have seen other friends ..., but that does not mean that parents address the letter to the Three Kings based on the age and needs of For each child, for example, it is always good to include reading books, activity notebooks, pencils, paints, cases ... that can be used as school supplies.

Another toy that they will take advantage of is a blackboard, because if they are younger they will love to play with the teachers, and when they are older it will serve as a support to work at home with homework.

Also good are games that favor the use of strategies, plasticine games, cut-outs, dressing and undressing dolls… since they will work on fine skills, in addition to the child's patience; And let's not forget the puzzles, which we will have to choose based on the child's age so that they neither get bored nor see it as something unattainable.

Always is good promote caring habits among children, and not just now that Christmas is approaching. It is about being consistent in the education that we give them throughout the year, so we do not encourage exacerbated consumerism in them, or that things are throwaway: “If you already have a toy or a very similar doll from other Christmases , the Kings are not going to bring you another one that is almost identical because the color of the model has changed ”.

We can also do cleaning toys and all those that are no longer used, we can go and deliver them to an NGO with our children, so that it can be distributed among the most disadvantaged children, so we will make them participants first in the benefits of solidarity.

As soon as children are of an age to learn to write, we must promote that let them write their letter, that of her younger siblings ... to take advantage of the opportunity to work on the acquisition of literacy. Although it is more comfortable for parents to write the letter, they should make an effort to do it themselves, although we have already said that adults will guide them to include a certain type of toys and we will limit the amount.

Let us remind the children that the Three Wise Men come to bring gifts to those who have behaved well, let us not forget this part of the tradition, which is what will help us to reinforce the behaviors of obedience, study, collaboration ... in children .

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