Hugo and the blue fish. Children's story about imagination

Hugo and the blue fish. Children's story about imagination

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Children's imagination has no limits, adults often strive to appease all those crazy ideas when in reality, that creativity is helping them to grow and experiment.

East children's story about imagination, is about how children and adults see the world differently and that when a child says that fish can talk it means ... they can talk! Don't stop reading with your children this beautiful short story: Hugo and the blue fish.

Hugo lived very close to the beach and, every weekend, he came to dive with his parents, for that reason, he was discovering the wonders of the seabed from a very young age.

He was tired of hearing from adults that the fish did not speak but something inside him told him that this was not the case.

One day diving, he saw a beautiful goldfish emerge from some rocks.

When the fish saw Hugo it turned very black and went to hide quickly.

"Don't be afraid," he said, he would never hurt you.

And the fish peeked out, becoming lighter.

- Know? - He said, the elders say that fish do not speak but, I think they do.

And the fish, change color immediately turning green.

- Are you afraid of men? - I ask.

And the fish turned dark again.

- You're scared of me?

And the fish replied turning green again.

Hugo was very happy because he knew that he had made a new friend.

- What is your name? He asked again.

And the fish turned blue.

- Blue! What a beautiful name for a fish!

"Blue, you're a very pretty fish!" - exclaimed the boy.

And the fish turned very red.

- jajajajajaja Hugo laughed out loud when he saw that the fish had turned red.

- Do you want us to play?

And the happy fish turned yellow.

After playing for a long time, Hugo said goodbye to Azul, promising to return and, thinking that older people are not always right.

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