Plans with children for school weekends

Plans with children for school weekends

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The new course has started and, now, summer is definitely behind us. In order not to fall into the winter lethargy to which tons of emails, housework, school, extracurricular activities and weekends at the playground seem to condemn us, we would like to propose some tips and recommendations on plans with children for school weekends.

Even though it may seem like there aren't any fun or entertaining activities in the short term until the next summer vacation, take note of these. ideas to organize plans with children for school weekends and thus escape from everyday reality.

First of all, the end of the summer holidays doesn't have to mean the radical elimination of travel from our agendas. Brief getaways through the country itself or lightning visits to other nearby countries are a good remedy to combat the routine of the next few months.

Cities such as Madrid, Paris or New York are periodically within our reach thanks to good offers that allow us to enjoy weekends at very competitive prices.

Proposals such as a weekend at Disneyland Paris (ideal to go with children and as a star family getaway with children) or enjoy the outdoors and nature with the whole family, can undoubtedly help us break with the routine that we have just started.

On the other hand, it is not advisable to completely end the social and family life that most of us have cultivated during the two or three weeks of vacation. Maintain the habit of meeting friends on weekends or sharing a relaxed family meal on Saturday or Sunday is highly recommended.

Other tips that can also make our day to day more bearable is to take a souvenir from the holidays to work that reminds you of the good times and, above all, to plan some outing (dinner, cinema, theater, spa, etc.) with your partner boyfriend plan (without children) to break the day to day and perhaps start thinking about your next weekend getaway with the children and the whole family.

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