Tongue twisters for children with the letter T

Tongue twisters for children with the letter T

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Tongue twisters improve children's concentration, increase their memory, they develop the language and increase children's vocabulary, what else could you ask for? ... Have fun! Wish granted.

Are traditional word games but they continue to amuse the children of the 21st century, and it is that their difficulty in pronouncing motivates children to challenge themselves.

In this article we have selected the best known tongue twisters that use the letter T.

Do you dare to fiddle with the tongue twisters without stuttering?

Three sad tigers

they eat wheat in a wheat field,

one tiger, two tigers, three tigers.

Toto drinks tea,

Tita drinks mate,

and I drink my whole cup of chocolate.

A catatrep with three catatrepts,

when the waterfall climbs,

the three catatrepts climb.

Teresa swallowed shredded chalk.

Three big greedy tigers swallow wheat and choke.

Tajo brought me three suits, three suits Tajo brought me.

The ragpicker top with rags the gut of the foal.

An old key, mecca, deaf and old chirping,

He had seven sons, teclos, mecos, chirigordos, deaf and old,

If the old woman had not been a key, mecca, chirigorda, deaf and old,

the children would not have been teclos, freckles, chirigordos, deaf and old.

The governess Miss Tres-tros,

he has stumbled,

to go up to 32

instead of 33.

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