20 recipes for Christmas 2017. Christmas menus for the whole family

20 recipes for Christmas 2017. Christmas menus for the whole family

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During Christmas we all bring out our best cooking skills and try to make our dishes are something different usual.

Pleasing the family, friends, and even the neighbor, with surprising dishes is an art, but above all it is when we do not have time to prepare dinner, while we try that the children do not mess up the whole house, and we get dressed in a decent way before the guests arrive.

In We leave you some of the recipes most requested by diners during Christmas, so you can start preparing your menu for Christmas 2017, without getting caught by the 12 chimes.

Appetizers are the lifeblood of Christmas dinners. There is no table worth its salt without the best canapes one can make on the tablecloth, next to the candles. A colorful presentation, while making the dish more attractive to the eyes, is the trick to succeed with canapés. And, don't forget to make themed canapes: Reindeers, Santa Claus or snowmen, you will succeed with the children!

Mozzarella snowman. Fun Christmas canape

This fun snowman canape is a fun way to make a tomato mozzarella salad. Children will love this Christmas.

Canape in the shape of Santa Claus. Christmas appetizer for children

Simple but successful recipe for a curious canapé in the shape of Santa Claus. Sliced ​​bread, a little pink sauce and ham and that's it! The simple canapés also have a place in the Christmas tables of 2017.

Puff pastry spirals stuffed with tuna. Puff pastry for children

Puff pastry is the great ally of Christmas canapés. If we buy it done we will make it in a jiffy, and we can fill it with sweet or salty. In this case we have introduced tuna and it has been very good.

Canapes of salmon boat and red caviar. Christmas canapé 2017

With a little sliced ​​bread, salmon and a can of red caviar we can make a canapé quickly and very attractive. If we want, we can give it the shape we want with a cookie cutter.

Sausage rolls with puff pastry. Canapé for children at Christmas

We are using the puff pastry again to make some fun sausage rolls that children will love this Christmas. A tip: If we cannot find puff pastry, we can wrap the sausages with sliced ​​bread, it will be just as good.

Gratin volcanoes stuffed with prawns. Christmas recipes

One of my mother-in-law's favorite recipes. They are eye-catching on the table and just put them on the tablecloth they flew in a minute. Stuffed volcanoes are another of the easy and delicious resources to make Christmas canapes in a jiffy.

Baked eggplant meatballs. Christmas recipe to make with children

Meatballs take time to make, but they're a great way to get kids involved in the kitchen this Christmas. For Christmas 2017 you can ask your children to be the ones to prepare this dish since there is no child who resists smearing their hands.

Fish meatballs. Healthy Christmas recipe to make with children

Another option for the meatballs is to make them from hake. Involve your children in the kitchen, have them undo the hake and mix it with the other ingredients into small balls. They will have a great time preparing Christmas dinner.

Eggplant, cold meat and cheese sandwiches. Christmas Recipes 2017

Eggplant is one of the most versatile vegetables in the kitchen, it can be prepared in dozens of ways. We have made aubergine sandwiches and added salami and cheese. a different recipe to prepare Christmas 2017.

Chicken, apple and carrot salad. Recipes for a healthy Christmas

Not everything will be fried, battered and fatty at Christmas, there are also healthy and healthy recipes for those who want to take care of themselves. Here we present you a very tasty chicken, apple and carrot salad so that your guests can lighten up the other Christmas meals.

Juicy tenderloin with apple sauce. Light recipe for Christmas

One of the most typical dishes of Christmas but one that always triumphs. The apple gives that sweet and sour touch to the pork that makes it a light dish.

Capon stuffed with chestnuts and apples for Christmas. Traditional recipe for Christmas

Stuffed capon is a great way to make a colorful traditional recipe. The difficult thing is that the capon does not stay dry, so here we leave you a Christmas recipe for free-range capon stuffed with chestnuts and the trick to make it juicy.

Duck with orange. Typical recipe for Christmas 2017

With a little orange juice you will give the duck a special touch. Duck with orange does not usually fail at Christmas dinners, it is rich, nutritious, light and with a very Christmas presence.

Juicy salmon with cava sauce. Recipe for Christmas with fish

Salmon is a fish that can be prepared in many ways, it is also a light dish, although it is one of the fattiest fish. If you prepare it with a little cava you will see how the dish changes considerably.

Christmas rice. Vegetarian recipe for Christmas

For those who do not want to eat meat or fish, we leave you a Christmas rice dish, easy and quick to prepare. Some raisins and a bit of nutmeg will give it an exotic touch that you will surely like a lot.

Christmas log. Christmas dessert recipes

The Christmas trunk is a tradition. Originally, the log was not eaten, but was a wooden log that was decorated and burned in the fireplace on Christmas Day. However, a couple of centuries ago, the wooden log became a log made in a pastry shop. Here we leave you the traditional recipe so that you delight your family and your children with this Christmas sweet.

Quick Maria cookie cake. Easy recipes for Christmas

A sweet recipe for a cake that does not require an oven, perfect to make with children on a Christmas afternoon. You only need Maria cookies and chocolate, and interspersed layers. Your children will love it.

Roscón de Reyes recipes. Traditional Christmas recipe

One of the most deeply rooted traditions is the morning of the Kings. It must be taken with a good cup of chocolate, and you can fill it with cream, cream, or chocolate, although the original has no filling. Do you want to learn to do it yourself? Here we leave you the best recipes for Roscón de Reyes.

Christmas wreaths. Cookie recipes for Christmas 2017

These almond cookies are typical of Germany. They really are a tribute to the true Christmas wreaths made with twigs that were hung on the doors of the houses and that alluded to eternal life.

Pancake with the face of Santa Claus. Christmas recipe for children

A traditional pancake but with a little imagination some strawberries and cream we can decorate with the face of Santa Claus, how easy is it? It is the perfect ending for a Christmas dinner or lunch.

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