The limits that children set are to be broken

The limits that children set are to be broken

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As the title says, this is it: The limits that are set are to be broken.

We must not believe all our convictions, especially when it comes to ourselves, we may have a distorted reality. If your children have negative beliefs about themselves, and that means setting limitations, you have to teach them to break them.

The beliefs that children put on must be broken. A belief it is a public statement of your way of seeing the world. Is totally subjective and it is based on your experiences, on your learnings, on what they once told you or have been saying for a long time, on what reference people say to you, or on what you say to yourself.

We have beliefs of two types: Limiting beliefs and empowering beliefs.

- An example of limiting belief in a child it would be: I am bad at math. I am terrified of speaking in public.

- And, an example of empowering belief in a child it would be: When I want I get it. I'm very good at drawing.

The normal thing in children is to have more limiting beliefs than empowering ones, so makes them create barriers and obstacles in their integral development as people.

I insist, beliefs are not an objective reality but are a subjective reality that occurs in each child.

The reality is that each of us, we act according to their beliefs, if you think that you are bad at math, you will never act being good at math, you will never face this activity in the right mood.

Therefore, What should parents do when faced with this type of belief in our children?

1- Encourage to have empowering beliefs.

2- Identify those that are limiting and explain to our children that they are a belief, that they are a subjective way for themselves to perceive reality.

3- Challenge and stimulate them to take actions that go against their beliefs. To confront them and realize that they were wrong, in this way we will break them.

Continuing with the example, if an 8-year-old has the belief that he is bad at mathematics, we can send him to buy bread and do an exercise of bring the returns well and that he does the purchase operations well. That being the case, then we will make the following statement, always positive, "this shows that you are good at math" ..... break your beliefs.

Do not allow your children live limitedWe must help them break wrong beliefs.

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