The truth about the risk of losing teeth in pregnancy

The truth about the risk of losing teeth in pregnancy

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Pregnancy is associated with a series of hormonal and behavioral changes that can predispose you to an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

There is a popular belief that the baby takes all the calcium from the mother, so you can lose teeth in pregnancy, is it true? We clarify it for you and, above all, we recommend that at the beginning of your pregnancy you go for a check-up with the dentist.

There are certain specific factors that influence oral health during pregnancy:

- Vomiting and reflux: if you suffer from a lot of vomiting during pregnancy, or gastroesophageal reflux, you will have a greater risk that these stomach acids damage the enamel of the tooth, and make it more susceptible to cavities.

- Change of eating habits: some pregnant women need to eat many times a day, which causes the teeth to be exposed to food for longer. You can prevent it by brushing your teeth after every meal, no matter how small, and avoiding sugary and sticky foods (gum, candy ...).

- Hormonal changes: During pregnancy the gums can become inflamed (gingivitis) due to hormonal changes of the same. Gingivitis causes pain, redness, and bleeding of the gums. We cannot do anything against hormonal changes, but we must be very constant in oral hygiene, since plaque and tartar are other risk factors that predispose to suffering from gingivitis.

Therefore, It is not true that the baby is going to take the calcium it needs from your teeth, it is not true that you can lose teeth in pregnancy. The baby obtains calcium from your diet through the placenta, and in case of a real deficit of calcium supply, it would obtain it from your bones and not from your teeth.

Bottom line: to maintain good dental health during pregnancy:

- Go to your dentist early in pregnancy.

- Avoid sugary foods and drinks.

- Always brush your teeth after eating.

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