Fear test to know the hidden fears of children

Fear test to know the hidden fears of children

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Fear is one of those barriers that prevent us from moving forward in life. From childhood, we develop fears, some based on our experience, others unfounded and many inherited.

Fear of animals, of the dark, of storms, of loneliness, of school ... They are very common fears in children that, if they are not overcome, remain entrenched and prevent the child from advancing in life and even it can cause enormous unhappiness.

On our site We suggest that you take the fear test for children with your children. It is a test to find out what the child's most hidden and deepest fear is, the one that he does not usually say or comment, perhaps he even knows how to express it. They are the hidden fears of children.

It is essential to know all our fears, since, by exposing ourselves to fear, we can defeat it and that will make us feel better about ourselves, we will be happier.

In order to know all the hidden fears of children, and even yours, we suggest you take this fear test. We invite you to look with your children in silence at these 6 images, look at them calmly, each of them, thinking about what will be behind, what they hide, what it provokes inside you. Once you've seen them all, you have to choose the one that scares you the most out of all of them, just one.

When you do, you just have to find out what that image means and what are the hidden fears of children:

1- Ice cave: If your child is afraid to enter the ice cave, he may feel a need for more emotional warmth. You may be afraid of being lonely. He does not know how to express it, but loneliness distresses him and, sadness and feeling frustrated, also cause him a lot of fear.

2- Abandoned building: This mysterious environment causes terror in some people, if it is what your child chose as the one that scares him the most, he may feel vulnerable, and that vulnerability prevents him from opening up to others. However, you have the need to connect with someone, but to do so, to create lasting and strong relationships, you must lose the fear of breaking down barriers and opening your heart.

3- Abandoned house: It is one of those houses that causes nightmares to everyone, however, if it is the one chosen by your child as the one that causes him the most fear, it means that he needs to live surrounded by the affection of his loved ones, in an atmosphere of well-being, where everything it works and each one fulfills its role. You need to feel safe within the family. He is afraid of disharmony in the family and in his environment.

4- Down to the basement: they are stairs that go down to a basement, to a dark and unknown place. Feeling afraid of this place means that the child does not like to feel locked up, he needs to be free, enjoy life and take advantage of every moment. They are children with fear of death and who feel uncertainty and fear about what will happen after it.

5- Blue door: blue represents the sky and the sea, it is a color that gives peace and security. However, what is behind this door is unknown, it means leaving behind the tranquility to enter an environment that can be hostile. They are children who need to have stability, they value routine and the known and flee from what may be strange to them. In short, they are afraid of the unknown, they do not like adventures.

6- Tunnel: it is a passageway that goes into the depths, towards darkness. If your child chose this image, he needs to understand his emotions, he is afraid to express them and sometimes they even exceed them. They fear that they are not confident enough to take on challenges and achieve goals.

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