Spider donut bow for Halloween. Kids hairstyles

Spider donut bow for Halloween. Kids hairstyles

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Among the accessories for your daughter's Halloween costume, a good hairstyle cannot be missing. In this case, we suggest you make a fun spider updo using a donut bun, that thicker rubber band that is used to make the bun more easily.

To make this spider donut bun for Halloween You will need: a hair tie, a wide hair tie or donut to make a bun, bow pins, three black wires or pipe cleaners, and two plastic eyes.

Once you have everything you need, pay attention and follow these steps to get your spider donut bun for Halloween:

1 First, you must collect the hair in a high ponytail. Hold it tight with a rubber band and make sure it's tight.

2. Get one of these special rubber bands, wider, that in many places they call 'donut' and cover the other rubber band with it.

3. Cover this wider elastic band with the hair of the ponytail. And with the remaining hair, wrap the bow you just created. So that no hair comes out, help yourself with some hair bows.

4. Now it's the turn of the wires or pipe cleaners. You need three. Surround the bow and lay the ends of the wires to the sides. Three wire ends will go to one side and the other three wires to the other side. In any case, we recommend using pipe cleaners, which are much more flexible and pose less risk to children.

5. And finally it's the turn of the spider's eyes. You have to place them in front of the collected one. A trick? Do you stick a hairpin behind your eye. And ready! You already have a fun hairstyle for Halloween night.

Hairdresser: Olga González

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