Tongue twisters for children with the letter R

Tongue twisters for children with the letter R

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R with R guitar ... can you pronounce well and without stopping the letter R?

Tongue twisters are games to lock the tongue, or to unlock it, depending on how you look at it. What is clear is that they are mental exercises and linguistic through which our children can improve the diction of some letters and words, improve their concentration, exercise memory and expand your vocabulary.

In We leave you some tongue twisters with the letter R so that you can stir quickly and swiftly your tongue.

With these fun tongue twisters you can exercise letter R laughing and in a fun way.

Erre con erre, guitar;

erre with erre, lane:

fast the cars roll,

fast the railroad.

The dog in the mud, raging rages: his tail gets muddy

when the mud sweeps away, and the mud at arrobas snatches his tail.

The San Roque dog has no tail

because Ramón Ramírez has stolen it.

And who has stolen Ramón Ramírez's dog's tail?

Three sad tigers

they eat wheat in a wheat field,

one tiger, two tigers, three tigers.

How much wood would a rodent gnaw on

if rodents gnawed on wood?

Rita's dog irritates me,

tell Rita to trade the puppy for a puppy.

Teresa swallowed shredded chalk.

I remember that I remembered that memory,

which is a good memory, which is hard to remember.

The bull dog runs with the bulls,

the bulls run faster than the bull dog,

The bulls get tired and the bull dog catches up with them.

Parra had a dog.

Guerra had a vine.

Parra's dog climbed the War vine.

Guerra hit Parra's dog with the baton.

And Parra said to Guerra:

"Why has Guerra hit Parra's dog with the baton?"

And Guerra replied:

“IF Parra's dog had not gone up to the War vine,

Guerra would not have hit Parra's dog with the baton ”.

The sky is bricked

Who will unroll it?

the unbricker to unbrick it,

good remover will be.

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