Lullaby to sleep children and dolls

Lullaby to sleep children and dolls

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Lullabies have a powerful attraction for children. It has been shown that children who are sung lullabies fall asleep earlier, are calmer during sleep, and bond with their parents.

Through the lullabies you're relaxing your baby, transmitting security and giving love, and all those stimuli are positive For their develpment.

Most lullabies are traditional, that is, they have been inherited from parents to children, making them part of the popular songbook.

This lullaby for sleeping dolls It is perfect for your children to imitate you and to transmit all that love and sweetness to their favorite dolls and get them to sleep.

My pretty doll

has a hat,

she never gets wet

of the downpour.

Go to sleep baby

Go to sleep ea.

The moon has fallen asleep

on the rooftop.

The Kings brought you,

over the frost,

three white horses

march that march.

On the hard stars of the snow


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