8 tricks to remove dirt from children's nails

8 tricks to remove dirt from children's nails

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If there is one of the parts of the body that children get the most dirty, those are undoubtedly the hands. Children use their hands to experiment, play and even eat, and for this reason it is easy to find them dirty most of the time: with mud, plasticine, or other substances.

Children tend to put their hands to their face, eyes or mouth very easily so that dirt can come into contact with the body causing infections due to germs or other damages that can cause harmful substances that can accumulate under the nail. Therefore it is advisable to take into account these 8 tips to maintain good hygiene of your hands and more specifically of your nails.

In addition to teaching our children to wash their hands with soap and water on a regular basis, we can use the following tricks to remove dirt from children's nails.

In the case of young children or in the case of babies, it is advisable to clean the nails of the little ones when they are asleep to facilitate the work.

1- Soak nails in warm water for a few minutes to soften the area and remove dirt more easily.

2- Use a small hand brushThere are special ones for the little ones with softer bristles, and rub gently under the surface of the nails to remove the dirt accumulated on them. Avoid rubbing hard, thus preventing dirt from moving to the innermost part of the nail.

3- For this work, a children's toothbrush that we no longer use. Before each use it is advisable to soak the brush and pour a small amount of neutral soap on its surface.

4- We can also use the files or utensils that we can find in the nail clipper kit for kids, and use them to gently remove the dirt accumulated under the nails.

5- If there is dirt that is difficult to catch with these utensils, we can also use a toothpick very gently to reach all the areas where dirt can accumulate.

6- Another option is to take a cotton or gauze and soak it in hydrogen peroxide and smear the surface of the nails with it while disinfecting the area.

7- If we apply whitening toothpaste and we apply it with a gentle massage on the nails, letting it act for about 3 minutes, we will be able to clean and also whiten its surface.

8- A measure to prevent dirt from accumulating under the nails is prevent our children from having it too long, cutting them frequently. For this, it is advisable to use round-tipped scissors and cut the nail in a straight line.

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