Children should not have hamsters, hedgehogs or turtles at home

Children should not have hamsters, hedgehogs or turtles at home

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Not all animals can become pets for children. The smallest of the house, especially those under five years old, should not have hamsters, hedgehogs, small lizards or turtles, due to the risks that represent for your health.

As we all know, the younger the child, the greater his vulnerability, since his immune system is not yet fully developed. Also, the smaller the child is, the less hygiene habits they will have. They kiss, grasp, and touch animals uncontrollably, and then put their hands in their mouths, and it is not always possible to monitor, supervise, and limit their forms of contact with animals.

The leading association of pediatricians in the United States, in the latest issue of its magazine, notes that some pets can be dangerous to children and that children exotic animals They carry dangerous, even deadly germs and are more prone to biting and scratching than cats and dogs.

Sometimes when the child has fever, diarrhea and stomach pain, without a precise cause, it may be due to the germs that animals such as hamster.

The salmonella infections, for example, in 11% they occur due to the contact of children with lizards, turtles and even with chicks. Hedgehogs are dangerous because their spines can penetrate the skin and spread bacteria that cause fever, aches, and skin irritations in children.

All of us, especially those of us who have animals at home, know how good it is to live with them, how much they teach us and give us.

This is not about forbidding this contact. It is about protecting children, educating them to have the habit of washing hands always after some contact with your pet, be careful not to kiss it on the mouth, and not take it to sleep in your bed, etc.

And that families wait for the child to be older before bringing an exotic pet home.

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